GoTech appliance repair professionals offer a high-quality Commercial Washer And Dryer repair service to get your equipment back in business in the shortest period of time.Don’t allow problems with your equipment to destroy your business. You know whom to call for a friendly and efficient service. Our professionals ensure quick services, like a commercial laundry repair. We do not take money per hour, we take it for high-quality work. Contact us at the first sign of a problem and you won’t regret it. Call us today at (780)-994-4333 for the quality repair of your equipment.

We offer repair services for different types of washing and Dryer machines. We are experienced in fixing top loading, front loading, compact and stackable washing machines.

We work on your schedule, we will come at any appropriate for you time. Also, we can offer you a price quote before we start any work, you don’t need to worry about hidden fees and overtime charges. Let us know if you need our help. You can schedule an appointment online or call us at (780) 994-4333.

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Common Washer Problems we can help you with:

The washing machine isn’t spinning. The problem may consist of a defective lid switch or plunger. Ask our professionals to check what’s going on with your washer and fix that as fast as possible.
The machine is vibrating excessively. You may try aligning the position of your washer. If that doesn’t work, contact our specialists. We definitely know how to help you.
Water is streaming improperly. The problem may be in a defective pump or a clogged drain hose. Ask Gotech Appliance Repairs to fix that. 
Leaking. The common causes of this problem are excess soap, loose hoses, and leaking tubs. If you cannot handle this on your own, ask our specialists to help you.

It is very important for foodservice businesses to keep their dryer in good working condition. If after laundering the clothes in your dryer are still humid, contact our experts as soon as possible. We can provide you with the maintenance services of different types of dryers. The Gotech specialists are experienced in repairing gas, electric, and coin-operated dryers.  

We suggest fair prices for our services without charges and fees. To avoid inconveniences, we will adapt to your schedule. You decide when you need your appliances to be fixed. We know all the nuances of commercial dryer repair.

Contact us now at(780) 994-4333 or arrange an appointment online to get an efficient service. As soon as you submit a request to GoTech, your dryer will be back in business in the shortest time span. 

Most Frequent Commercial Dryer Breakdowns We Mend:

The dryer is not running. In case your commercial dryer is not working at all, check it up It might have been unplugged. If that’s not the case, the problem may be caused by a non-operational thermostat or a defective start switch. All these problems and their solutions are well known by our experts.
The dryer is not heating. Whereas your dryer birles producing no heat, the problem may be explained by an out-or-run fuse, thermostat, or defective heating coils. Please contact our professionals to fix these breakdowns.
The dryer is overheated. The problem may be in a clogged vent. This is very dangerous. Please call our specialists at once. Do not put yourself at risk. 

If your dryer is overheated or it produces no heat at all, you can get it back into working condition by reaching our specialists at GoTech Appliance Repairs. 

Repair of Laundry equipment

Modern Laundry equipment is represented by a number of different multifunctional household appliances for specific purposes. Its distinctive feature is increased service life and reliability. However, even the highest-quality models of washing machines and centrifuges, dryers and Ironing equipment, dry cleaning machines and auxiliary equipment, require maintenance during operation and high-quality repairs of Laundry equipment. 

Maintenance of Commercial Washer and Dryer equipment

The peculiarity of the Laundry equipment is the increased resource of time to failure, which is necessarily associated with the need to ensure long-term operation modes. Along with this, the presence of rotating mechanisms and heating elements implies the maintenance of Laundry equipment, as an integral attribute of guaranteeing the reliability of units and their components.

Considering the maintenance of Laundry equipment through the prism of the durability of components of mechanisms and devices in general, we can conclude that complex work is necessary to ensure the failure-free operation of devices and prevent premature failure. The company “GoTech Appliance repairs” provides maintenance of Laundry equipment in the Edmonton region, implementing a full range of works.

Technical regulation

All manufacturers of Commercial Washer and Dryer specify in advance in the documentation the technical regulations required for maintenance work. Specialists of “GoTech Appliance repair” produce a full service of Laundry equipment. Washing machines require a systematic check of the functioning of all modes, diagnostics of the lock, replacement, and cleaning of filters, cleaning of the system from detergents, adjustment, and lubrication of the rubbing joints, as well as checking the technical condition of the drum rotation unit on the bearing.

For dryers, Laundry service involves cleaning the fins, drum and filters, intake air ducts and heating elements. In addition, checking contacts, connections, and fitting of power connectors is relevant for all devices.

Technical regulations for calenders and Ironing rollers establish the need for maintenance in order to clean the sensors that determine the temperature regime, diagnose and check the thermal relays and installed magnetic starters, control the tension of the springs of the tension and pressure rollers, determine the condition of the Ironing belts and the drive gear.

Dry cleaning machines have their own specifics, for which in the course of maintenance work is relevant to control the flow of the anode, checking the pH value of the solvent, the tension level of the V-belts, checking the pneumatic control and air supply systems, cleaning tanks and air mass coolers.

Maintenance of Laundry equipment in steam generators is recommended to be performed by timely cleaning of the Boler, monitoring the operation of the pump, and the operation of the level tracking system.

Diagnostics and repair of Commercial Washer and Dryer in the GoTech Appliance repairs service

Repair of Laundry equipment requires a competent approach to diagnostics. Gotech Appliance repairs have extensive experience in servicing and replacing the main components and modules of washing machines, dryers, chemical cleaning machines and Ironing equipment, steam generators, and other attributes of laundries. Convenient service allows you to perform full diagnostics using special equipment and error codes, as well as repair with the installation of high-quality original spare parts, components, and modules, providing a guarantee for their work.

Repair Of Commercial Washer And Dryer

In modern laundries, multifunctional industrial-type washing machines are used. Their distinctive features are a powerful and reliable mechanical design, the large loading capacity of the drum, and increased service life. As a rule, the service life of such washing machines varies from 10 to 20 years, providing daily long loading intervals. Repair of Laundry washing machines implies experience in identifying the fault of specific units, as well as the use of components that correspond to the class and mode of operation of the declared parameters. Having connections with world manufacturers of household appliances, the company “GoTech Appliance repairs” will carry out repairs in a short time, reducing to a minimum the downtime of important units and financial losses caused by their failure.


It is, of course, difficult to state the exact cost of repairs for a faulty dishwasher before it can be seen by a technician.

Malfunction Cost Per Repair
Minor repairs handles, buttons, hooks, drain hoses, opening the hatch, replacing the cuff $99-$150
Minor repairs with the disassembly of the washing machine removing blockages, removing foreign objects, removing leaks, cleaning contacts, replacing the hatch glass, prevention $127 – $289
Average repair with the disassembly of the washing machine replacement of a belt, replacement of brushes, repair or replacement of a heating element, a pump, sensors, a water inlet valve, UBL $99-$350
Major repairs with complete disassembly of the washing machine replacement of drum bearings + oil seal, replacement of shock absorbers, repair or replacement of the engine, replacement of the drum, replacement of counterweights From $99
Removing the machine from hard-to-reach places $87-$128
Repair of washing machine electronics From $187
Repair parts 50% of a new one
False call it is paid if the washing machine is working properly or if you call the masters from two companies $120

**** Attention!The final cost of repairs is set only after the diagnosis. The contractor reserves the right to lower or increase the cost of repairs depending on the model of household appliances and the country of its Assembly.***

If the customer unilaterally refuses non-warranty repairs after diagnostics, the customer pays for diagnostics (expertise) of the equipment in accordance with the price list of the Service center, as well as reimburses all expenses incurred by the Service center in order to properly perform the service.

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Providing that you are running a business that suggests the usage of coin-operated laundry facilities, or you there are a couple of powerful appliances in your hotel, our professionals acknowledge how crucial it is to repair them in the shortest time. 

If any detail of your dryer, washer, like a fuse, a thermostat, heating coils, or temperature switches, needs to be replaced, the GoTech specialists are ready to ensure this. We provide high-quality repair at fixed prices. Contact us at the first sign of a problem to prevent serious damages.

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