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Repair of Stoves and Ovens at Home in Edmonton & Calgary

Oven - Stove Repair Edmonton - Calgary

GoTech Appliance Repairs provides repair services for household stove and oven appliances in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.  We eliminate the problems in the appliance of any brand and model: induction, gas, electric or combined.

We are able to arrive at the home within 24 hours after receiving the call and bring  all the necessary parts and equipment to repair the appliance in-home. After the repair, we issue a warranty invoice that is valid from 30 days up to 12 mont

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How to request a service call?

To schedule a technician, we are available from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM by phone at:



phone icon service GoTech Appliance RepairsWe offer SAME-DAY stove and oven repairs in Edmonton & Calgary and surrounding areas 

Available 7 DAYS A WEEK

Up to 1 YEAR WARRANTY on all oven and stoves repairs!

You can also request an appointment through our website at any time.

If you sent the online contact us form outside of business hours, the receptionist will contact you the next morning or at the time you indicated.

By phone or through our website we need to provide the following information:

  • Type of appliance that needs repair, i.e. electric, gas, induction or combined.
  • Brand and preferably the model number of the oven. For example, Bosch PIB672E14E or Samsung ZKT 663 LX.
  • Describe what is defective. For example, the oven does not turn on or one of the burners does not work.
  • Day and time when it will be convenient for you to schedule our technician. We usually arrive on the same day or the next day.
  • Your name, phone number and address.

On the day of the repair, the technician will contact you in advance to confirm your appointment.

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Average Cost Of The Oven & Stove Repairs

The cost of repairing the oven depends on the device, manufacturer, model and the type of failure. The exact price is determined by the skilled professional technician after performing the diagnosis. We can guide in advance only an approximate price for the repair.

Malfunction Cost Per Part
Burner replacement From $78.75
Electronic module replacement From $98.99
Switch replacement From $55.12
Replacing the heater to the oven From $20.69
Repair of the electronic module From $98.99
Replacing the handle From $68.00
Relay replacement From $46.64

****Prices are only for the parts/components all repairs/labour are an additional fee.****

What brands of ovens and stoves do you repair?

We repair stove and ovens of all brands, including units of the following manufacturers:

Oven And Stove Repair Gallery

GE Oven repair Edmonton - Calgary
poor electrical connections for the oven in Edmonton - Calgary
Electric burner replacement in Edmonton - Calgary 

Advantages Of Our Repair Services

  • Only trained and qualified professionals with 5 years of repair experience are accepted within our company.
  • Work schedule from 7 am to 8 pm daily. We also repair appliances on holidays and weekends. Therefore, even the busiest clients will be able to choose a convenient repair time without disrupting the usual rhythm of life.
  • Our technicians are licensed & insured. The technician arrives exactly at the appointed time with all the necessary equipment and spare parts and performs a diagnostic inspection of the appliance. According to the results of the diagnostics, they will understand the exact cause of the malfunction and the cost of repair, which we can provide a written quote for.
  • Repair at home. With your consent, the malfunction is repaired on the spot. Our experienced technicians provide speedy repairs which can take from half an hour to two hours.
  • We use only reliable original parts approved by manufacturers.
  • After the repair, the technician checks that the appliance is working properly, mounts the cooking surface in its original place and issues an official receipt with a list of the work performed, used parts and warranty obligations.
  • We are experts, and we confirm our quality with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. How long does a experts need to repair oven or stove?

In 90% of cases, repairs will take no more than 2 hours. At the same time, you can choose the most convenient day and time of arrival. Complicated repairs, for example, of the control module of a dishwasher, may require more time, as the technician removes and may order a new part. The new part is installed after a few days.

Q. What warranty for repairs do you give?

After completing the repair, the technician will check the work of the repaired unit. Making sure that the dishwasher is working properly, he will write out a guarantee for the repair and all new parts installed. Warranty period – from 30 days up to 1 year depending on the type of malfunction. If after the repair is completed and the after a few days you notice the same breakdown, we will carry out the repair again at our own expense.

Q. Can spilled oil cause a stove fire?

Grease, oil, and fat don’t just light, however when there’s a mishap in the kitchen, flames can happen. In any case it’s best to keep any sort of combustible things (like paper towels) far from your stove. 

Q. How long is it safe to forget my stove on for?

When you inadvertently keep your stove on, it can be particularly stressing. Fortunately stoves are intended to be turned on for extended periods of time. The hazardous part is in the event that you have left something on the stove or on the off chance that you leave something combustible close-by. 

Q. How long do stove repairs take?

The length of time for stove repairs will rely upon the issue and in addition any parts required. Technicians are prepared with the tools and parts needed.  On the off chance that any parts need to be ordered, we will talk about the time period with you. 

Q. How long will my stove last?

Usually stoves last from 10 to 15 years. Regular repairs and upkeep guarantee that they keep in working order. 

Q. How to clean a stained stove?

Harsh metal cleaning pads cause more damaged than good. Also using chemical cleaning supplies may ruin the appearance of the appliance. Fortunately there are some incredible common techniques like boiling water, baking soda, and salt. White vinegar is likewise extremely successful and you can utilize it in a spray bottle.

Q. How to prevent scratching my stove?

Once your stove is scratched it is very hard to remove those marks. Do not use cast iron cookware or rough cleaning supplies. Be conscious of the products used on your stove and read any labels before use. 

Q. Which is better – glass or regular stoves?

While picking among electric and ceramic stoves, there are upsides and downsides to the two choices. Electric surfaces are quick to clean while ceramic surfaces take more time and effort. Do your research on both options and read reviews on which would be the best for your lifestyle. 

Q. What should I do if my stove burners get too hot?

If the stove is not regulating the temperature appropriately, this may be due to the switch in the main power supply panel, this will need to be diagnosed and repaired by a professional technician.

Q. Why are some of my stove burners not heating up properly?

The burner may need to be replaced as there could be a broken switch causing the misconnection. This is should be examined by a professional technician to avoid any hazards.  

Q. Why is my stove not turning on?

If your stove is not heating appropriately, assess your power supply and check the plug. Assess each burner separately to test if one or all is broken. A professional technician will complete a full diagnostic and repair as needed. 

Q. Should I try to fix my stove myself?

Stoves are one of the more basic of appliances yet this does not imply that DIY repairs are suggested. This approach can result in further harm and more costly repairs.

Q. How much will it cost to fix my stove?

Repair expenses will rely upon the issue and the parts required. We strive to give transparency on the work completed. 

Q. Are your stove repairs guaranteed?

Yes, we cover all of our stove repairs with our satisfaction guarantee.

Q. Can I help the stove repair process?

Providing the technicians with all the relevant details on the issue of the appliance and any attempts that were used to repair the stove before the technician arrived will save time in diagnosing the issue. Refrain from doing any DIY repairs. Also providing a clear working space for the technicians will allow them to start their work without any delays.