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Why You should hire GoTech Appliance Repairs in St Albert

Picking the right professional St. Albert Appliance Repair Company may appear to be a daunting task.

Our team at GoTech Appliance Repair St Albert is not only fully prepared to repair all appliances but also has the essential experience that it takes to finish these repairs efficiently.

All our Technicians are Fully Licensed, Journeyman Certified Technicians. They attended 3 Years of Education at SAIT to learn how to repair all main appliances.

We also come prepared with tools and comment parts to complete the necessary repairs during our first visit. 

If the part has to be ordered, We don’t church the second Visit.

Our goal is not just to fix the problem, we will try to do our best to extend the life of your appliance so that you are not forced to shop for a replacement. 

When you call us, you can anticipate that we will show up on time and be well-prepared.

You may think that it is hard to trust someone with your home appliances. When you call GoTech Appliance Repair St Albert, your appliances will be treated with careful consideration and regard to your budget. We work efficiently and carefully to fix the issue and extend the life of your appliance. 

St.Albert Appliance repair

Before you give us a call.

We highly suggest that you go one step further and see whether we can assist you with the specific appliance and brand that you own. To accomplish this, select the appliance from the list below that needs help, then follow the directions on that page. This will save you time and assist you in determining whether we can assist you with your malfunctioning appliance.

If you are looking to purchase parts: We recommend checking local stores such as Reliable Parts and Amre Supply

If you looking for commercial appliance repair service – Call Advance Appliance Repair – Phone (587) 602-3033

What to expect from GoTech Appliance Repair in St Albert

GoTech Appliance Repairs 

Appliance Repair St. Albert Near Me & Alberta

St. Albert  (780) 994-4333

Established Appliance Repair Company 

St Albert Appliance Repair Expert

Technicians available for same-day or next-day service

Professional technicians trained by manufacturer standards

We have assisted more than 80,000 St. Albert and Edmonton homeowners and acquired 1,580 new clients annually. Our appliance repair service has been recognized as the best in Edmonton by every year since 2015. 

Appliance Brands We Repair in St Albert

Fridge Repair St Albert

Repair refrigerators, can only person who has Refrigeration skills as Journeyman Certified Technician.

If a person without a license will attempt to repair it, he might damage your refrigerator more than it was before.

Also, unlicensed individuals may erase all the evidence of your current issue, which might lead to a harder diagnosis for a licensed technician.

Refrigerators are delicate appliances, and they need to be dealt with extra care.

We at GoTech St. Albert Appliance Repair, keep all the little details in mind and guarantee reliable fridge repair.

St.Albert Fridge Repair

Also to go a notch beyond our service.

We would highly recommend you.

No matter which company you will choose to help you repair your Fridge, ask beforehand if your repairman will have journeyman certified ticket. And also no excuse, to show your Alberta Journeyman Certified license at the appointment.

This way you will know the work has been done by a professional person, and also he will do his best to try to recover your fridge from the current Issue.

By following this approach, we can prevent unskilled handymen from causing further damage to our refrigerators.

To schedule a diagnostic appointment with GoTech, simply click here and book your Refrigerator Repair appointment! We’re here to help you get the answers you need in a safe and efficient manner. Let us take care of the details so you can focus on what’s important to you.  

Dishwasher Repair St Albert

Dishwasher Repair St Albert

In the event that your dishwasher won’t turn on, isn’t draining properly or you notice some other kind of issue, recall that we are only at a distance of a phone call. We are glad to offer rapid on-the-spot dishwasher repairs, we also guarantee satisfaction in repairing costs, as affordable as can be. 

For Pricing and to Learn more about Booking an Appointment, For Dishwasher Repair Near Me follow this link: -> Dishwasher Repair.

Dishwasher Repair St Albert

Oven Repair St Albert

St.Albert - Oven - Sove Repair

Oven Repair St Albert

Just like your stove, your oven needs to regulate temperature to enable you to deliver your food that is cooked to perfection. It is never a smart thought to use your oven when it is not working properly.  In the event that it doesn’t get sufficiently hot, your food will either stay uncooked or it will take extra time to cook completely through. Get in touch with GoTech appliance repair in St. Albert for same-day stove repairs.

For Pricing and to Learn more about Booking an Appointment, For Oven Repairs follow this link: – > Oven Repair.

GoTech Appliance Repairs 

Appliance Repair St. Albert Near Me & Surrounding Area

St. Albert  (780) 994-4333

Established Company 

St Albert Appliance Repair Expert

Technicians available offer same day or next-day service

Professional technicians trained by manufacturer standards

 Our appliance repair service has been recognized as the best in Edmonton by every year since 2015.

St. Albert Appliance Repair

Stove Repair St Albert

St.Albert - Stove - Repair

Your stove is one of the fundamental necessities of any kitchen. There are various dinners that you just can’t cook without a stove. Most stoves keep going for quite a long time without the requirement for much support or repairs. Be that as it may, this need will emerge in the long run and when it does you need the correct team of professionals to the rescue. Regardless of the model and brand of your stove, our experts are well-taught in how to analyze and repair the issue rapidly.

For Pricing and to Learn more about Booking an Appointment, For Stove Repairs follow this link: -> Stove Repair.

St.Albert - Stove - Repair

Washing Machine Repair St Albert

St.Albert washer Repair

Being without your washer is frustrating. The pressure of not being able to wash your garments and the laundry piling up might make you think that you need a new washer. But before you do this, remember that our experts are accessible for same-day washer repairs in St. Albert. We come to you well-prepared and well-equipped to deal with any possible defects efficiently.

For Pricing and to Learn more about Booking an Appointment, For Washer Repairs follow this link: – > Washing Machine Repair.

Dryer Repair St Albert


Regardless of the brand of your dryer, they all work on the same principle of heating and a spinning movement to dry your laundry quicker. Air drying can take days while your dryer can have your clothes prepared in minutes. Call GoTech appliance repair St.Albert directly for proficient dryer repairs immediately.

For Pricing and to Learn more about Booking an Appointment, For Dryer Repairs follow this link: Dryer Repair.

St. Albert Repair Van

GoTech Appliance Repairs 

Appliance Repair St. Albert Near Me & Alberta

St. Albert  (780) 994-4333

Established Company 

St Albert Appliance Repair Expert

Technicians available for same-day or next-day service

Professional technicians trained by manufacturer standards

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Fix An Appliance In St. Albert ?

We strive to be affordable for every client budget. Thus, we advise clients of all fees upfront so there are no hidden surprises. We charge a service fee to come to your home and diagnose the issue with your appliance. After the diagnostic the technician is able to give you a quote for the cost of repair, this quote will include both parts and labor fees. We do not have an hourly fee and each repair is based on the project needed to fix the appliance.

Is It Worth Trying To Repair a 10-Year - old Washing Machine, Fridge, Dryer, Stove, or Dishwasher?

Honestly, it depends on personal preference.  And how big the problem is.

It is generally a good idea to buy a new appliance, But if your appliance has some minor problems, the repair cost would be approximately $230 up to $350. 

We would recommend to our clients if they are planning to buy a used appliance. We think it’s a better idea to repair your old one at least we know what the problem is, instead of buying a used one from somebody you don’t know.   

In case you decide to buy a new one, we suggest checking Costco online as they offer the best 2 Year warranty, installation and takeaway services.

Can We Buy Our Own Part For You To Install?

We are not able to install parts bought by clients. This is due to warranty issues because we cannot guarantee the part and thus are not able to offer any warranty to the client for the repair.

Do You Waive The Service Call Fee If We Go Ahead With The Repair?

The service fee is based on the technician coming to your home and doing a diagnostic on the current cause of the issue with the appliance. It is a separate fee and we do not waive the service call fee. Our prices are competitive within the market and our technicians’ standards are high for each client no matter what the cost. We have noticed that our competitors who waive the service fee have higher fees for labor and parts to make up for the waived service call.

What Type Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit and Cash.

Recent Jobs in St. Albert

Washing Machine door gasket replacement and drain pump cleaning

This LG washing machine gasket was damaged with a sharp object entering the drum.

The door seal and gaskets vary from model to model, but the replacing process will be quite similar. You have to make sure that a gasket in your hands is for your model. It requires the exact model name and product number. This information can be found on the silver label on the inner side of the door.

lg washing machine door gasket replacement st Albert
Edmonton Washer Repair
old washer oil transmission St Albert

To get to the door seal, you have to remove the front panel first. After removing the front panel with a connecting hose, you can see a spring element that holds the gasket on the inside. Be sure to remove the dust and dirt inside the washer.

There are few marks pointing to how the gasket has to be placed. One mark should be “at 6 o’clock” on the drum, and there is a small arrow at the top of the door seal. A word of advice: if you lubricate the edge of the gasket with liquid soap, you will prevent a lot of problems during installation.

Recent Customer Reviews in St Albert


Frank L… – Samsung Washer Repair St. Albert –  << Professional,Respectful >>

Mike was great. Very knowledgeable and quick to diagnose the issue. Have options and good explanations as to the benefits of each.


Sue M… – Whirlpool Dryer Repair St. Albert –  Knowledge and Integrity

Dennis is AMAZING!!! He took the time to explain everything to us, and more. He went above and beyond with quality and customer service. Left the dryer area super clean.


Mike G… – Amana Fridge Repair st. Albert –  Excellent, Very knowledgable

Mike is an outstanding tech, with 5-star customer service… highly recommend Mike for all your Appliance issues!

Thanks, Mike.


Linda M… – Maytag Washer Repair st. Albert –  Great Experience

Dennis is a great tech . He showed me what was possibly wrong and how he was going to fix it.  He made sure all was working before leaving. Great service . Thanks again Dennis.

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