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Our GoTech Appliance Repair Edmonton company started from our grandfather’s handyman skills of taking apart and repairing broken electrical appliances. His ability to diagnose and repair many brands and models, while always giving his honest opinion, made him a trusted and reliable appliance man within the local community. Over the decades he built and grew the company with his family to provide outstanding Edmonton appliance repair services with trusted and professional technicians. Our core values include a commitment to finding a solution, building trust with using GoTech Appliance Repair Edmonton Experts, and providing long-lasting repair services. These core values have helped us to continue to succeed over the years and to retain customers who continue to use our company over the span of 40 years.

We Offer Same / Next Day Service or a Day Convenient To You

Appliance Repair Edmonton

As a leading Edmonton appliance repair company, we provide household appliance diagnostic and repair services. Our master technicians provide a complete and thorough diagnostic of your appliance in order to fully understand how the appliance is functioning and what issues are causing the breakdown. The technicians will be able to have a solid idea if the appliance is repairable and what the associated cost would be for a complete appliance repair. Our GoTech appliance repair edmonton service includes using original parts from trusted distributors and then running a complete test cycle to ensure the appliance resumes normal functioning once again.

Our family-owned GoTech appliance repair edmonton business has given us the experience to keep our standards high and offer services that set us apart from our competition. We, not only service households, but we also provide property management and rental property services in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

In-home Edmonton Appliance Repair service:

  • We are available for same-day appliance repair services or any other day that is convenient for you. 
  • Count on us to always be prepared, provide quality service, our technicians carry many of the replacement parts necessary to repair common problems.
  • Our technicians are experienced with performing appliance repairs on many brands and models of different appliances.
  • We treat every appliance like it’s our own and value our client’s homes and appliances. So, each appliance is given a full diagnostic and repaired to a high standard supported by our warranty. 
  • Appliances we service stoveovenrefrigerator, freezer, dryerwashing machinedishwasher, ice makers, gas stove
  • We understand that flexibility is key to our client’s lives, for that reason we work evenings, weekends, and holidays at no extra cost to you.

Why It's Important To Hire Professionally Trained Appliance Repair Technicians

Edmonton Appliance repair

It is very important to hire professionally trained, efficient, and detailed oriented technicians. They have many years of experience working with all brands of major home appliances and can diagnose the issue right the first time. So this experience allows them to be efficient with time but thorough with finding the cause of the problem. Additionally, professional technicians are also fully equipped with all the necessary tools and parts that are needed to repair the most common issues. These are just a few of the skills needed to work for our appliance repair company because we understand that when you invest in hiring the right technicians, you are reinvesting in the success of our family business. The Edmonton appliance repair company business is filled with third-party contracted technicians, they do not have the necessary warranty to protect themselves or their customers. Thus, any damage or incomplete repairs fall on the customer’s shoulders.

Edmonton Appliance Repair

How to request an appliance repair service call and what to expect

The first step is to call our GoTech appliance repair edmonton company at (780) 994-4333, our office staff will collect all the necessary details such as the brand of appliance, the model number, and the issue the appliance is having. Furthermore, this allows the technicians to carry the most common faulty parts for each brand and eliminates the need to make a second trip to your home. Sometimes we don’t have the parts on hand and a second trip is necessary, there is no second service call fee. In addition, our appliance repair company provides parts and labour warranty for all repairs for up to one year. In conclusion, we have been consistently rated and referred for being an efficient, prompt, and affordable appliance repair company. After all, we treat each client’s home as if it were our own and strive to provide quality customer service. 

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Frequently Asked: Appliance Repair Questions

What is the average cost of an appliance repair in edmonton?

We strive to be affordable for every client’s budget. Thus, we advise clients of all fees upfront so there are no hidden surprises. When you schedule a diagnostic call from our appliance repair company we charge a service fee to come to your home and diagnose the issue with your appliance. This service fee is a separate fee and is charged regardless if any repair work is done or not. After the diagnostic, the technician is able to understand the cause of the issue and if repairable, can give you a quote for the cost of the repair, this quote will include both parts and labor fees. We do not move forward with any repair work without the consent of the client. We also don’t have an hourly fee and each repair is based on the project needed to fix the appliance. 

Can We Buy Our Own Part For You To Install?

We are not able to install parts bought by clients. This is due to warranty issues because we cannot guarantee the part and thus are not able to offer any warranty to the client for the repair.

Do You Waive The Service Call Fee If We Go Ahead With The Repair?

The service fee is based on the technicians coming to your home and doing a diagnostic on the current cause of the issue with the appliance. It is a separate fee and we do not waive the service calls fee. Our prices are competitive within the market and our technicians’ standards are high for each client no matter what the cost. We have noticed that our competitors who waive the service fee have higher fees for labor and parts to make up for the waived service calls.

What Type Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) Debit, and Cash.

Most Reliable Appliance Brands for 2021


GoTech Appliance Repair Edmonton

  (780) 994-4333

Established Company 

Your appliances are in good hands with our professional technicians, regardless of the issue. Don’t hesitate, with speedy, dependable services at affordable prices, there are many reasons why your number one choice should be GoTech Appliance Repairs

Appliance Brands We Fix

Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Air, Admiral, Ikea, Inglis, Speed Queen, Roper, GE, GE Profile, GE Monogram, Hotpoint, Beaumark, Moffat, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Tappan, Kenmore, Samsung, Dacor, LG, Bosch, Thermador,Viking, Miele, AEG, Fisher & PaykelSub-Zero, Wolf, Magic Chef

Average appliance lifespan with Best Care Tips

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers Last About 9 - 13 Years

  • Remember the dishwasher is not a garburator, this means you should rinse your dishes properly, by not rinsing your dishes this may affect the drain system, which is the blockage of the circulation pump.

For Pricing and to Learn more about Booking an Appointment, For Dishwasher Repairs follow this link:

Dishwasher Repair

Washers and Dryers Repair Edmonton

Clothes Washers Lifespan About 7 - 14 Years

  • For the washing machine, is important to not overload, many people see the big drum of the washer and assume they can fill it fully, by filling fully you may affect the bearing, and then your washing machine may start making noises like an airplane taking off in your basement, in bearing cases it is better to buy a new washer. Do not wash big quilts or other bulky items in small washing machine appliances.

For Pricing and to Learn more about Booking an Appointment, For Washer Repairs follow this link:

Washer Repair

Dryer Lifespan About 7 - 14 Years

  • For the dryer, you should do regular maintenance such as cleaning behind the dryer, how much dust you will collect behind the dryer that’s how much dust you will have inside your dryer. The dust affects your pully, rollers, and motor, thus making it very important to do regular maintenance and avoid hefty repair costs. Never leave the house with the washer unattended, the washer fills water controlled by a sensor if this sensor malfunctions, the water will continuously fill the drum and eventually overflow into your home. 

For Pricing and to Learn more about Booking an Appointment, For Washer Repairs follow this link:

Dryer Repair

Fridge Repair Edmonton

Refrigerator / Freezer Lifespan is About 10-16 years

  • The refrigerator is important to clean behind the fridge because the air circulation of the compressor will cool down and also the lack of air circulation due to dust, the compressor will overheat and stop working and cause cooling issues with the fridge. As an example, this is like covering the engine of your vehicle with a blanket and driving with it to Calgary. Manufacturers also recommend changing the water filter every six months or when you taste a fishy smell in your water. With the air filter, don’t bother replacing it because your parents’ fridges didn’t have air filters and it really isn’t needed but a thorough cleaning inside the fridge or by using baking soda will greatly benefit the fridge. When the fridge stops working completely and you waiting for the repairman, put coffee granules inside the fridge to soak up the fridge odors while you wait. When you leave for vacation or any extended period of time away from home, it is best to turn off your water supply to the fridge, because the water supply pipe can crack and flood the home, causing extensive water damage. 

For Pricing and to Learn more about Booking an Appointment, For Fridge Repairs follow this link:


Fridge Repair

Stove & Oven Repair Edmonton

Stove & Oven Average Lifespan is about 8 -15 Years

Oven Lifespan

  • If you want to extend the life of the oven, we recommend you to not use the self-clean option because this may affect your baking element or the electronic control board, or the fuse. All these parts are costly to replace and repair. Another great option is to use the steam clean method, almost like cleaning your microwave, a quick search on youtube will have many videos for tips for cleaning ovens.

Stove Lifespan

  • Common issues with the stove are with the switch regulators and in this case, you will need to replace the switch. When you use a particular burner for a long period of time to brew stews this will reduce the life span of the burner. Trinkets and other items that are placed on top of the stove edge, need to be removed from this area, due to the high possibility of them dropping and shattering the stove glass top which will be costly to replace. 

For Pricing and to Learn more about Booking an Appointment, For Stove Repairs follow this link:

Oven - Stove Repair

Induction Cook Top Repair

Induction Cook Top Lifespan About 8 - 13 Years

  • The induction cooktops usually stop working due to electronic control board issues. This will cost you approximately anywhere from $280 to $800 to $2300. In this case, we would recommend you to buy a new stove. But it is best to get a professional option from a technician for them to give you a full diagnostic and give you the exact cause and an exact price point. Sometimes the cooktop/oven can be fixed quite easily and for an inexpensive price compared to buying a new appliance.

For Pricing and to Learn more about Booking an Appointment, For Induction Cook Top Repairs follow this link:

Ceramic Cook top

Client Testimonials Working With Our Company

 by Justine on Appliance Repair Edmonton
Right to Repair!

My Dacor oven was not heating properly. The baking element was not working. So, I went through numerous Youtube videos and repairs guides thinking it could be a quick fix. I tried the two easy fixes that I was capable of, but they did not work and I knew I needed a professional! I get right irritated when I am told the part I need is discontinued or the repairman does my same YouTube fixes and states "there is nothing more I can do, you need to buy a new appliance". Not so at GoTech! John is an electrician by trade so he can "see" your appliance differently, he spotted a short on my motherboard, whipped out a small replacement part, soldered it on, and "Viola" my oven works! Now John explained in great detail that yes the motherboard in my oven is discontinued, and he cannot guarantee his electrician genius will do the trick, but the cost of him giving it a try far outweighed me buying a new oven. Besides being a smart technician, problem-solving above and beyond what he needed to do, he is a wonderful human being and a great conversationalist! I took many business cards to hand out to friends!

Service on Maytag refrigerator

Diagnosis and replacement of the defective part was done quickly. Repairman was at my house within 24 hours, arrived on time, and repairs were finished in about an hour.

 by Tracy on Appliance Repair Edmonton
Great service

I was able to book a same day appointment, the technician (John) was very professional and explained the repair and costs in detail. They had the repair part and my appliance was fixed that day. Quick, and professional service, thank you so much.

 by Stanley Ross on Appliance Repair Edmonton

John showed up at the scheduled time and was a complete professional and extremely helpful with our questions. We discussed our future plans for appliance
replacements and he offered some good suggestions which we will keep in mind when making our future purchases.

 by Monica on Appliance Repair Edmonton

My Whirlpool fridge was running constantly. John skillfully diagnosed the problem, described in detail how the system should work, and explained which part needed replacing. He was also honest when it came to keeping the current fridge vs buying a new one. I would highly recommend GoTech and John to anyone requiring their appliance serviced.

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