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Our GoTech Appliance Repair Edmonton company started from our 🇺🇦grandfather’s handyman skills of taking apart and repairing broken electrical appliances. His ability to diagnose and repair many brands and models, while always giving his honest opinion, made him a trusted and reliable appliance man within the local Edmonton community. Over the decades he built and grew the company with his family to provide outstanding appliance repair services with trusted and professional technicians. Our core values include a commitment to finding a solution, building trust with using GoTech Appliance Repair Experts, and providing long-lasting repair services 🇺🇦❤️🇨🇦. These core values have helped us to continue to succeed over the years and to retain customers who continue to use our company over the span of 40 years.  

GoTech Appliance Repair 

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Local Company in Edmonton that has been in business for over 40 years. 

We have helped over 80,000 homeowners in Edmonton, with over 1,580 new clients each year. 

Our professional journeyman technicians are trained to manufacturer standards.

Why It's Important To Hire Professionally Trained Appliance Repair Technicians

Hiring professionally trained appliance repair technicians in Alberta, Edmonton, offers several important advantages:

  • Knowledge of Local Regulations: There are specific regulations in Alberta pertaining to appliance repair. All technicians performing appliance repairs must complete the necessary courses to become journeyman technicians. Insurance and environmental considerations are also taken into account, as the use of R134A – “freon” should not be released into the atmosphere to prevent damage to the ozone layer. Professional technicians are knowledgeable about these regulations and ensure that repairs are done in a proper way.
  • Safety and Compliance: Appliances involve electrical, gas, and other potential safety hazards. Trained technicians in Alberta understand safety regulations and take necessary precautions to protect your home and family.
  • Insurance coverage: If your repair person causes damage to your property and doesn’t have the proper certification as a Journeyman technician, your insurance could reject your claim.
  • Efficient Diagnostics: Experienced technicians can quickly identify the root cause of appliance problems due to their extensive training and exposure to various issues. It’s important to accurately diagnose and repair issues to avoid causing additional damage. Professionals are equipped to address the underlying problem and prevent further issues. This will give you a solid idea if the appliance is repairable and what the associated cost would be for a complete appliance repair which leads to faster and more accurate repairs.
  • Fully Equipped with all the necessary tools: Our professional technicians come fully equipped with all the necessary tools and parts that are needed to repair the most common issues.
  • Access to Genuine Parts: GoTech Appliance Repair uses only original parts from trusted distributors such as Amre SupplyReliable Parts and Marcone or we source parts directly from the brand manufacturers.
  • Customer Support and Warranty: We provide a warranty for every service, The parts warranty is up to 90 days. For Labor Up To 1 year, If an issue reoccurs after the repair, the technician will address it without additional charges.
  • Time and Convenience: Our technicians offer prompt service, saving you time and preventing prolonged disruptions to your daily routine.
Appliance repair

Edmonton Appliance Repair

How to request an appliance repair service call and what to expect

Before You Book The Appointment - Important Information!

We apologize for the inconvenience, as some of our customers can wait 2 – 3 days for an appointment. This is due to our in-demand services and staff shortages. But don’t hesitate to call us because we have same-day cancellations often, and you might be able to get a convenient same-day repair appointment.

We don’t overbook our clients to ensure that we can give excellent customer service because we only employ certified journeyman technicians. Therefore we cannot serve all of our customers on the same day. 

If we are unable to assist you with your specific brand/model or your appliance, we can always refer you to another appliance repair company whom we trust, that may be a better fit to fix the issue. In addition, you can check our referral list below. 

If you can wait for an appointment, we assure you you won’t be disappointed with us.

The first step is to contact us is to call the number you see (780) 994-4333, our office staff will collect all the necessary details such as:

Watch This Short Video:

What To Expect From Our Appliance Repair Experience

Brand of Appliance:

Model Number:

Issue the appliance is having:

If you are looking to purchase parts: We recommend checking local stores such as Reliable Parts and Amre Supply

In addition, our technicians are equipped with all the most frequently required faulty parts for each brand, reducing the need for a second visit to your home. However, if we don’t have the necessary parts available, a second trip will be required at No Extra Cost.

We value our clients and treat their homes with the same care as our own. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service.

Free No - Obligation Quote, Over the Phone, Call Us!

Before you give us a call.

We highly recommend that you take an extra step to verify if we can assist you with your specific appliance and the appliance brand. To do so, select the appliance you need help with below and follow the instructions on the directed page. By doing this, you will understand if we can assist you with your appliance issues and save you time.

If you cannot wait and require services immediately.

To help our customers have the greatest Appliance repair service experience, we had to create a referral list of the Top 3 Appliance Companies. We have a great working connection with these companies, and they all have well-trained and licensed specialists.

Referral Company We Highly Recommend

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GoTech Appliance Repair – Edmonton and Surrounding Area

Best Appliance Repair in Edmonton Company

Fridge, Washing Machine, Dryer Stove, Oven, Dishwasher

40+ Years in Business, We have helped over 80,000 homeowners in Edmonton, with over 1,580 new clients each year.

Professional technicians trained by manufacturer standards

Your appliances are in good hands with our professional technicians, regardless of the issue. Don’t hesitate, with speedy, dependable services at affordable prices, there are many reasons why your number one choice should be GoTech Appliance Repairs

Call US (780) 994-4333

Frequently Asked: Appliance Repair Questions

What is the average cost of an appliance repair ?

We strive to be affordable for every client’s budget. Thus, we advise clients of all fees upfront so there are no hidden surprises. When you schedule a diagnostic call from our appliance repair company we charge a service fee to come to your home and diagnose the issue with your appliance. This service fee is a separate fee and is charged regardless if any repair work is done or not. After the diagnostic, the technician is able to understand the cause of the issue and if repairable, can give you a quote for the cost of the repair, this quote will include both parts and labor fees. We do not move forward with any repair work without the consent of the client. We also don’t have an hourly fee and each repair is based on the project needed to fix the appliance. 

Can We Buy Our Own Part For You To Install?

We are not able to install parts bought by clients. This is due to warranty issues because we cannot guarantee the part and thus are not able to offer any warranty to the client for the repair.

Do You Waive The Service Call Fee If We Go Ahead With The Repair?

The service fee is based on the technicians coming to your home and doing a diagnostic on the current cause of the issue with the appliance. It is a separate fee and we do not waive the service calls fee. Our prices are competitive within the market and our technicians’ standards are high for each client no matter what the cost. We have noticed that our competitors who waive the service fee have higher fees for labor and parts to make up for the waived service calls.

What Type Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) Debit, and Cash.

Most Reliable Appliance Brands for 2024

GoTech Appliance Repair – Edmonton and Surrounding Area

Best Edmonton Appliance Repair Company

Fridge, Washing Machine, Dryer Stove, Oven, Dishwasher

Technicians available for same-day or next-day service

Professional technicians trained by manufacturer standards

Call US (780) 994-4333

Appliances We Repair - Average Appliance lifespan with the Best Care Tips

Washing Machine Repair Edmonton - Maintenance Tips - Lifespan About 9 - 14 Years

The main reason Why you should not call an appliance repair company for repair – instead, buy a new Washing machine!

If you have a Bearing Issue

  • If you’re experiencing a bearing problem, it might make more sense to purchase a new washer instead of trying to replace the bearing. Often, when attempting to fix one issue, you may discover additional problems with the machine, resulting in repair costs that are almost equal to the price of a brand-new machine.

For Pricing and Booking an Appointment, For Washing Machin Repair follow this link:  Washing Machine Repairs

Washer Repair

Maintenance Tips

  • For the washing machine, it is important to not overload the washer, many people see the big drum of the washer and assume they can fill it fully, by filling it fully you may affect the bearing, and then your washing machine may start making noises like an airplane taking off in your basement.

 Do not wash big quilts or bulky items in the washing machine. Take them to the laundry mat.

  • Never leave the house with the washer unattended, the washer fills water controlled by a sensor if this sensor malfunctions or the pipe for the sensor will break, the water will continuously fill the drum and eventually overflow into your home.

The Best Dryer & Washing Machines To Buy in 2023

Electrolux and LG – Check Costco Online they give 2 year warranty. They also offer installation and removal of your old appliance.

Dryer Repair Edmonton - Maintenance Tips - Lifespan About 7 - 14 Years

Maintenance Tips

  • For the dryer, you should do regular maintenance such as cleaning behind the dryer, how much dust you will collect behind the dryer that’s how much dust you will have inside your dryer. The dust affects your pully, rollers, and motor, thus making it very important to do regular maintenance and avoid hefty repair costs. 

For Pricing and Booking an Appointment, For Dryer Repair follow this link: Dryer Repairs Edmonton

Dryer Repair

Dishwasher Repair - Maintenance Tips - Last About 9 - 14 Years

Maintenance Tips

  • Remember the dishwasher is not a garburator, which means you should rinse your dishes properly, by not rinsing your dishes this may affect the drain system and circulation pump.
  • Make sure you’re not running your dishwasher overnight because sometimes you might be surprised in the morning when your dishwasher is leaking. It is best to do your dishes while watching TV or cleaning your kitchen.
Dishwasher Repair

Also if your dishwasher was leaking and has damaged your floor, don’t worry, just call your insurance company. 

  • Insurance companies will ask you to contact the appliance repair company to check if the appliance caused the leak. Then, they’ll send an estimator to decide if the floors need replacing.

The Best Dishwasher To Buy in 2023 is Bosch.

  • When buying a dishwasher, get one with a tray to prevent leaks and a high DBA rating for quiet operation. Check Costco Online for a 2-year warranty. They also offer installation and removal of your old appliance.

For Pricing and Booking an Appointment, For Dishwasher Repair Near Me follow this link: -> Dishwasher Repairs Edmonton

Fridge Repair - Maintenance Tips- Lifespan is About 10-16 years

Is It Worth Trying To Repair a 10-Year-old Refrigerator?

Major Reasons you should not call an appliance company for repair – instead, buy a new fridge.

Compressor Issue

  • If you know your fridge has a compressor issue – is better to replace your fridge. The cost of the compressor can be between $400 to $600 just for the cost of the compressor. By the time we complete the job the price for the repair can be almost up to $1,000. In our professional opinion, you probably better buy a new fridge from Costco than repair it.

R134A Leak ( Freon Leak )- Refrigerant Leak

If you know your fridge has a freon leak. 

  • We tell our clients – You have to understand, in regards to repair, we have to find the leak. And to find a leak can be challenged. Usually, we tell our client don’t set High expectations – we will find them. We only can do our best and see how it goes. If you feel your fridge is old, and you debating whether should you replace or repair it. We would highly recommend you replace one.
Fridge Repair

Maintenance Tips

  • The refrigerator is important to clean behind, because the air circulation of the compressor is important to cool the compressor, and the lack of air circulation due to dust, the compressor will overheat and stop working causing cooling issues with the fridge. 
  • For example, this is like covering your vehicle’s engine with a blanket and driving with it to Calgary. 
  • Manufacturers also recommend changing the water filter every six months or when you taste a fishy smell in your water. 
  • With the air filter, don’t bother replacing it because your parents’ fridges didn’t have air filters and it really isn’t needed but a thorough cleaning inside the fridge or by using baking soda will greatly benefit the fridge. 
  • When the fridge stops working completely and you waiting for the repairman, put coffee granules inside the fridge to soak up the fridge odours while you wait. 
  • When you leave for vacation or any extended period of time away from home, it is best to turn off your water supply to the fridge because the water supply pipe can crack and flood the home, causing extensive water damage. 

For Pricing and Booking an Appointment, For Fridge Repair Near Me follow this link: -> Fridge Repair Edmonton

GoTech Appliance Repair – Edmonton and Surrounding Area

Best Edmonton Appliance Repair Company Near Me

Fridge, Washing Machine, Dryer Stove, Oven, Dishwasher

Technicians available for same-day or next-day service

40+ Years in Business, We have helped over 80,000 homeowners in Edmonton, with over 1,580 new clients each year.

We have been named Edmonton’s top appliance repair service by every year since 2015.

Professional technicians trained by manufacturer standards

Call US (780) 994-4333

Oven Repair - Maintenance Tips- Lifespan is About 8 -15 years

Is it worth it to repair my ten-year-old oven? 

Giving a straightforward answer is difficult as it depends on multiple factors. Let me give you some examples from our clients to help you make a decision.

The first major factor to consider is whether parts are available. If the part is not available, we can try to find similar parts from different appliances that will perform the same function as your original part. 

However, this is not always possible for electronic computers, especially for ovens, as each model has its own software that only works with that specific type of oven.

The most common problem for an oven electronic control board is a faulty relay responsible for sending power to the baking or broiling element. We can usually repair this issue by soldering new relays onto the old board, which will allow your oven to work for another couple of years.

The second major factor is whether you are happy with your oven. There is no point in repairing an old oven if you are not satisfied with its appearance or cooking performance.

Oven - Stove Repair

Stove Repair Tips for Cook Top

  • Common issues with stoves are often related to switch regulators. If this is the case, you will need to replace the switch. 
  • It’s important to note that using a particular burner for extended periods of time, such as when brewing stews or boiling water for tea, can reduce the lifespan of the burner. 
  • Additionally, it’s important to remove any trinkets or other items placed on the stove’s edge, as they may fall and shatter the stove’s glass top, which can be costly to replace.

Maintenance Tips Oven

  • To extend the life of your oven, we advise do not to use the self-clean option. This is because it can potentially harm your baking element, electronic control board, or fuse. Repairing or replacing these parts can be expensive.
  • Another option is to use the steam clean method. After conducting interviews with multiple clients, we have found that steam cleaning is generally ineffective for oven cleaning. 

So the question arises: how should we clean our oven?

At our company, we believe that the best way to keep your oven clean is to avoid making it dirty in the first place. If you happen to spill something while cooking, make sure to clean it right away after the oven has cooled down..

If your oven does get dirty, the second option is to use an Easy-Off product. We recommend following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer when using Easy Off.

To start wiping, we suggest removing the door to have easy access to clean around it. We have a video that provides instructions on how to remove the oven door. Additionally, by removing the door, you can take it apart and clean between the door glass. 

How to take apart an Oven Door Glass to Clean Oven

However, if you are not comfortable with this process, please do not remove the door, as it might be challenging to put it back.

The Best Stove - Oven To Buy in 2024 is LG or Whirlpool.

  • When purchasing an LG oven, it is crucial to ensure that it comes equipped with three elements – baking, convection, and broiling. This is because some LG ovens only have the convection and broiling elements, and lack the baking element. Without the baking element, your oven may burn food at the back, leading to inefficient cooking. In addition, some clients have reported having to turn their food every fifteen minutes to prevent burning. Therefore, adding a baking element will help distribute the heat evenly and prevent these issues from occurring.
  • When it comes to recommending an oven, we suggest the Whirlpool oven because it is the parent company of other well-known appliance brands such as KitchenAid, Maytag, Amana, and IKEA Appliances. All the components inside these brand appliances are made by Whirlpool. We want to inform our clients that we have nothing against these name brands, but we want to make you aware that you would be paying more for a different brand name, such as KitchenAid or Maytag when all the components are made by Whirlpool. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if it is worth paying extra for a different name brand.
  • Check Costco Online for a 2-year warranty. They also offer installation and removal of your old appliance.

For Pricing and Booking an Appointment, For you Oven or Stove Repair Near Me follow this link: -> Oven Repair Edmonton

Induction Cook Top Repair Edmonton - Lifespan About 8 - 13 Years

  • The induction cooktops usually stop working due to electronic control board issues. This will cost you approximately anywhere from $280 to $800 to $2300. In this case, we would recommend you to buy a new stove. But it is best to get a professional option from a technician for them to give you a full diagnostic and give you the exact cause and an exact price point. Sometimes the cooktop/oven can be fixed quite easily and for an inexpensive price compared to buying a new appliance.

For Pricing and to Learn more about Booking an Appointment, For Induction Cook Top Repairs follow this link:

Click for: Stove repairs Edmonton

Ceramic Cook top

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GoTech Appliance Repair – Edmonton and Surrounding Area

Best Appliance Repair in Edmonton Company Near Me

Fridge, Washing Machine, Dryer Stove, Oven, Dishwasher

Technicians available for same-day or next-day service

40+ Years in Business, We have helped over 80,000 homeowners in Edmonton, with over 1,580 new clients each year.

We have been named Edmonton’s top appliance repair service by every year since 2015.

Professional technicians trained by manufacturer standards

Call US (780) 994-4333

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