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We, at Gotech Appliance Repairs, have a complete understanding that home appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, stoves, washers, dryers etc have overtaken mundane jobs and have become a part of our everyday life. We rely on these machines so much that if any of them stops working or starts having problems, the whole household is deeply affected by it and it becomes a nightmare in the true sense. You want your households to keep on running smoothly and we understand that. You want your appliances fixed without the delay of a minute to save yourself from the distress and unease, our team of well-taught and expert technicians is available all week anytime in the day. We offer same day appliance repair anywhere in southside appliance repair Edmonton, westside, and the northside of Edmonton Additionally, you can visit for further information about appliance repairs.

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Fridge Repair West - North - Southside Edmonton

Refrigerators are the hardest working of all the appliances. Other appliances are turned on, get the job done and are turned off. But refrigerators keep on running day in and day out to keep your food items cool and fresh for a long period of time. If your fridge stops working or is failing to do its job efficiently. Call for prompt assistance at Gotech Appliance Repairs and keep the fridge doors shut tightly till the team arrives to keep the cooling inside for as long as possible. 

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Dishwasher got replays repair Morinville

Dishwasher Repair West - North - Southside Edmonton

Dishwashers, not only do they clean the dishes but also sanitize them. Hence they have an edge over handwashing your dishes. If you notice any defect in how they run i.e. they are failing to drain or not turning on. Call us at Gotech Appliance Repairs for speedy repairs.

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Stove Repair West - North -Southside Edmonton

Stoves, no matter what brand and model they are, are meant to do the same job. i.e. regulate the food temperature. If you are noticing a change in the behavior of your stove lately. i.e it is getting overheated or making a loud noise or isn’t heating at all. Give Gotech Appliance Repairs a call.

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Oven Repair West - North - Southside Edmonton

Ovens, just like stoves, are also meant to regulate the temperature of our favorite items. Some foods can be prepared on stoves while others need ovens to be prepared. In case you notice a burning smell around or hear a weird sound, a problem in turning it on or it’s simply not heating your food properly. It is time to call for help. Our experts have years of experience in their fields and can do the job efficiently.

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Get Morinville Appliance repair fix you Washer Repair Dryer

Washer Repair West - North - Southside Edmonton

Handwashing your laundry is obsolete and sounds so outdated, every household in Canada has a washer of their own these days. This device is so time-saving that it is hard to imagine our lives without it. If you feel like your washer isn’t doing its job efficiently and it needs a thorough examination for the diagnosis of the problem. Call Gotech Appliance Repairs right away to save yourself from any prolonged inconvenience. 

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Dryer Repair West - North - Southside Edmonton

Air drying your laundry can take several weeks in countries like Canada that is why we have dryers installed in our homes. If you feel like your dryer is not actually drying and just tumbling meaninglessly it needs a proper examination. Call Gotech Appliance Repairs right away to get the repair done the same day.

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We have understood the fact that a broken or faulty appliance can be a pain in the modern world and it can put your whole household to a standstill. That is why we rush towards your homes on the first call and make sure to save you from any further inconvenience in the future as well. No matter what the make and model of your appliance, we know what we have to do to repair it. 

Call Gotech Appliance Repair at (780)- 994-4333 for appliance repair in West – North – Southside Edmonton that you can rely on!

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Pulley dryer replacement

LE5800XMN1 M40220064 Stock # LE580M
4 years

These images show how to replace a dryer idler pulley. The spring-loaded idler pulley keeps the belt tight so the belt can grip and rotate the drum during the drying cycle. This idler pulley squeals were worn and squeaked when the dryer is running. Because typical machine oils collect dust, lubricating the idler pulley only makes the problem worse. 

If the idler pulley makes noise when the dryer is running, replace it with the manufacturer-approved replacement part.

Pulley dryer replacement

The same recommendations are true for the idler pulley in Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, Roper, Crosley, and Estate dryers with a lint screen housing located in the top cabinet panel.

The dryer pulley, normally called the idler pulley, keeps the dryer drive belt added to the pressure as the belt wraps over the dryer drum. The pulley wheel has a focal hub that goes through a direction, for the most part, a sleeve bearing yet on higher-end models, a roller bearing might be utilized. A course may come up short, especially a sleeve bearing, that will never again enable the wheel to turn, or the spring system may break which will discharge the pressure on the belt and the dryer drum will never again turn. These issues can be fixed with basic tools or new parts. 

Decide if the issue is the pulley. Common symptoms of a bad dryer pulley are: the drum turns irregularly but clunks; the drum still rotates but squeals or the drum doesn’t rotate in general. The reasons for a non-rotating drum could be a broken motor (which means there will be no motor noise when it is turned on), a broken dryer belt, or a wrecked pulley.

Recent Customer Reviews West- North-Southside Edmonton

GoTech Appliance Repairs

As others here have said, the service quality is all you wish for - knowledgeable, friendly, professional. John made my house feel like a home again. Thank you. If there are any future problems with my appliances, I will certainly call this company for help.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

Excellent Service

We had the water dispenser repaired on our fridge the other day, and the service was outstanding. Sarah was patient in making sure that she was quoting me the correct price on the part that was to be fixed (she asked for photos to be accurate), and explaining that the repair date had to be delayed due to the holiday so the tech could pick up the part (if not for the holiday the tech would have been there that afternoon). David was an efficient, and polite professional, explaining everything, and carrying on conversation throughout it all. There were no billing surprises, and the work completed was top notch. Highly recommend them, and will call them again if I need another repair.

We're glad you enjoyed your experience with our company and appreciate you taking the time to leave a review

Excellent Service

Technician John gave us excellent service and advice regarding our refrigerator problem. He knew immediately what the problem was, explained it to us, told us the options, and worked out the pricing variables depending on what might have to be done once the extent of the problem was exposed. He was quick, efficient and a delight to talk to while he worked on the unit. When it was discovered that the problem was caught quickly enough that no damage was done, he offered us further options with explanations and the freedom to have us make the final decision. We were quite happy to find the costs of the repair were much lower than quoted. Having had some problems in the past with appliance repairs, we definitely would recommend Go Tech and in particular Technician John.

We're glad you enjoyed your experience with our company and appreciate you taking the time to leave a review

Awesome service!! John was very knowledgeable, efficient and very thorough!!

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

by Stephanie on GoTech Appliance Repairs
Excellent work!!

I am very impressed with this company. I had a repair man within 1 hour of my initial phone call. David was excellent, very knowledgeable, and efficient. I will call him again for any other appliance repair.

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