Three Basic Ways To Keep Your Oven Clean

Three Basic Ways To Keep Your Oven Clean

When it comes to the oven, we all recognize that this is an incredibly handy kitchen device. Turn it on, set the temperature level, put a baking tray with food inside – and it will be coped with everything! Only a microwave is probably easier to handle.

That’s why the owners of that device are fond of it and in case of a problem they are in a moment seeking for ‘oven repairs near me’ results.

   But why do you have to take it to your serviceman or why do you have to waste your time seeking for Edmonton oven repair, for example. 

If you are keeping the oven clean – that’s no problem at all!

   How to do it, you may ask? We have some tips even for a lazy homemade! In order to clean the oven, you can go two ways:

  • Try out suitable cleaning products based on chemical compounds (acids, alkalis).
  • Choose natural homemade oven cleaner, the recipes of which were often used by our grandmothers in the first gas ovens.

   First way can give an excellent result but it needs your patience, health and money, of course. And it’s not safe for your hand’s skin and nails!

   Using the homemade recipes, you can easily remove everything extra from all the parts of your oven. And you don’t need to buy anything actually – every component is here, on your kitchen shelves!

One step – clean it with the abrasive cloth! First step – clean it with the abrasive cloth! Sometimes it is enough the good rub to remove every spot. So, keeping a rough sponge or an abrasive cloth part is a good idea in any case you are going to cleanse the oven.

   Step two – use the water! Don’t laugh with skepticism! We mean, it’s time to steam the sides and cellar of your oven and it’s also suitable for cleaning oven racks. It is hot steam you can use for washing the oven. Boiled water while steaming makes fat bruises softer and helps to remove them quickly.

   Step three – if doesn’t work, take sodium bicarbonate! Have no willing to repair your electric oven or to feel an unpleasant odour from the gas one while heating?       Simple soda – the product each housewife has on her kitchen – can be a real salvation! Just dissolve it in a bit of water to make a paste and then smudge on the top, the bottom and the sides of your oven. By the way, it’s perfect for the stained glass door too. Leave that paste to stay for 10-15 minutes and grab it with the help of sponges. Then rinse out your oven with fresh water and let it dry consciously.

  The proverb says, if the life gives you lemons – make the lemonade of them! If the life gives you some spots of fat and grease in your oven – clean them with the lemon! It’s easy to do – to squeeze some fresh juice from the fruits and then to dispense it over the walls. The deal is to wipe it clearly and bona fide.

   If lemon juice is not enough, it’s time to use super-efficient measures. For example, a combination of vinegar and soda – as a result of a simple chemical reaction, a large amount of carbon dioxide is obtained, which quickly and beautifully (hide it!) eats away fat and soot. 

   Some housewives always keep on hand a supply of baking powder. and today it will be useful to you: ammonium, which forms the basis of this additive, well eats away fat deposits on the walls during contact with a liquid medium. It is inexpensive baking powder – and certainly cheaper than any chemical means. It’s ease in using – all you have to do is just to dispense it, spray it with the water, and then simply remove with some cloths.

   As you can see, keeping the oven clean is a snap. But in such a clear device it is just nice to cook all sorts of culinary masterpieces, and its appearance will always show the guests a message that you are excellent hosts in your home.

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