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Sub-Zero is a part of the companies each of them is specialized in manufacturing one type of household appliances. These three companies are Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove. Sub-Zero manufactures refrigerators, Wolf manufacturers ranges, and ovens, and Cove produces dishwashers. Except for refrigerators, Sub-Zero produces wine storages. All these three brands are high-end appliances. Moreover, Sub-Zero has created lots of innovations in the field of refrigerators production. The aesthetic style of the Sub-Zero refrigerators is one more advantage.

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Sub-Zero Appliances Repair

The company offers stainless steel and customizable refrigerators. GoTech Appliance Repair is able to provide services of full-size refrigerators and undercounter refrigerators.

If you have Sub-Zero refrigerator in your kitchen, it means you made a smart purchase. This brand manufactures reliable and long-life refrigerators. However, it does not mean that they work without any failures. Do not try repairing them by your own means. Such serious problems, for example, like freon leaking, should be solved by professional only. Our team is able to solve the most difficult conditions, whether it a condenser fan motor failure or evaporator fan motor failure.

The built-in refrigerators are presented with different configurations, like a column, french door, over-and-under, and side-by-side.

500/600 Sub-Zero Series

Sub-Zero 500 and 600 refrigerators were introduced in 1987 and 1996 respectively. These series are award-winning models, yet the average lifespan of the refrigerators is around 20 years. Nevertheless, the smart usage and maintenance, plus the in-time replacement will prolong the operational life of your 500/600 Sub-Zero refrigerator. Given that, you do not have to worry about replacing your built-in appliance that is an integral part of the cabinetry. The repair of Sub-Zero appliances needs expertise and licensed spare parts.

700 Sub-Zero Series

The integrated 700 series equipped with Sub-Zero`s Dual refrigeration system. This version is improved, has more features for the best food storage. The possibilities of these appliances series ensure the fresh food and energy efficiency. Hence, in case of any repair need, only trust this work to professionals only. GoTech has the expertise experience and required spare parts.   

Undercounter Refrigerators

Sub-Zero manufactures super compact appliances that suit any room in your house. It is equipped with easy access touch control panel. This panel enables to control the temperature precisely. In case of any improper work of the undercounter appliance, our technician will come will all the necessary spare parts to repair your compact refrigerator.   

Why choose GoTech Appliance Repairs for high-end appliances repair?

GoTech Appliance Repairs provides the expert repair and replacement service in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. The repair of high-end and luxury appliance require special knowledge, experience, and high-level professionalism. GoTech has all these for fast and reliable services. Our company has been working in this field for 15 years. We hire only professional and skilled technicians. We provide them with the best and quality tools and spare parts, especially for GoTech repair and replacement.

GoTech works 7 days a day, given that we are ready to provide the urgent service. Our rates are affordable, what is also a big plus for the customers. Upon the services are provided, we provide our customers with the satisfaction guarantee up to 12 months.