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Crane Service Edmonton is the optimal solution for a wide range of construction tasks, including when working with multi-story buildings, in private construction, during repair work of certain categories. The Crane Service Edmonton for rent is relevant both for moving goods, lifting them, and during construction. In contrast to the stationary type of equipment, special equipment with the ability to move is more mobile. The Crane Service Edmonton is not only easier to deliver to the site, but also easier to move to the desired part of the site, performing work or loading and unloading on any part of the construction site, Crane Service Edmonton.

We Provide For You A Mobile Rental Crane Service Edmonton

Crane Service Edmonton, In the most majority of cases, it is more profitable to rent a crane in Edmonton and the Edmonton areas than to maintain your own. This is only possible for the largest organizations, where it is used almost daily. And even in such cases, it is often necessary to order services, a crane with other functions, a smaller or larger size, a different configuration allows you to solve the problem better or faster. 

Small organizations do not have their own crane , because it is easier to take the Crane for the desired period. It is easier to pay the cost of rent than to pay a huge amount of money for a Mobil crane, and when you renting, there is no need to perform maintenance, hire a specialist.

Good Condition of the crane.

  • Our specialists strictly monitor the performance of the Crane equipment. We independently make timely repairs and maintenance, so that you do not encounter a malfunction of the machine during operation.

Favorable price.

  • We will quickly find the right option for you to rent a construction crane and send the equipment from our fleet on time. You will not have to waste time and wait for a long time.

Help with documents.

  • Our staff will advise you on the nuances of paperwork, as well as make efforts to speed up the process of their preparation and transfer to the appropriate organizations.

Timely cooperation.

  • Rent a cargo crane in the company “GoTech Craine Sevice” has a price not higher than the average market price. The cost depends on the complexity of the work, the time of cooperation, and the location of the object. Hourly payment is possible.

A decent crane fleet of vehicles.

  • We offer for rent tower, mobile crane.

Advantages Of Cooperation With << GoTech Craine Service Edmonton >> What Type Of Craine service you need?

Our company offers Crane services in Edmonton and St Albert, Sherwood Park, there are a large number of offers for equipment with different characteristics and capabilities. In our fleet, you will find more than 15 units of Mobil Cranes. You can rent a cheap crane from the German company Liebherr and the American Manitowoc Cranes (Grove models). This is professional equipment, characterized by a high load capacity from 1 to 500 tons or more. Cranes with a capacity of 25 tons are in high demand.

  • Liebherr truck cranes on 70, 90, 100, 130, 160, 200 tons. Each model has its own boom dimensions, which allows you to choose the best option. For example, a crane with 70 tons of boom reaches 50 meters, and a truck crane with 200 tons can extend the boom up to 72 meters.
  • Truck crane Galichanin 50 tons + goose 15.9 m. The load capacity allows you to lift loads within 50 tons to a height of more than 34 meters. Also in the presence of truck cranes based on Galichanin, equipment for 35 tons or 50 tons allows you to perform a wide range of operations.
  • Models of Kamaz, Ivanovets, and other equipment from 15 tons and more, including an all-terrain truck crane. The rental price of a car crane is calculated taking into account the features of the equipment and the rental period.

There are also models that differ in the type of chassis, which allows you to take into account the features of the construction site and the necessary traction with the soil or surface. All-terrain vehicles have a high passability. The Cranes are equipped with modern devices that make their operation intuitive, fast, and safe.

Crane Service Edmonton, St Albert, Sherwood Park Price

The cost of crane service in Edmonton  and surrounding arias consists of a number of factors:

  • the type and scope of work,
  • the lifting capacity of the crane run.

When ordering a crane service lift or excavator, you need to study the place of the entrance of the crane for work or unloading. If the object is located on rough terrain, you will need special equipment based on an all-terrain vehicle, which will cost more for service. When you sign a contract for the long term, you get a discount.

Advantages Of Cooperation With Us:

  1. Won’t have to pay any more. Buying even one car requires large expenses. The price of renting a crane, even for a long time, will be significantly lower.
  2. Do not need to maintain the equipment. The purchase of additional parts and spare parts in our company is handled by employees who know the features of each machine. We work with official suppliers and buy cheap spare parts in bulk.
  3. Not spend money on hiring and training specialists, do not pay taxes and social contributions for a full-time employee. The terms of the crane rental agreement include the operator’s services.
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Professional approach to the organization of the Crane Service Edmonton

To ensure maximum benefits for each client, the company employs extremely polite and competent specialists:

  • The work of the manager will allow you to get all the necessary data, to clarify the availability of free equipment for your date and time. The specialist will accept the order, help in the selection of equipment (if necessary), specify the configuration, and so on;
  • Loading and other work is carried out by professional crane operators with certificates on the profile of the work, with long experience in the field of;
  • Specialists who monitor the condition of transport, unloading, lifting of goods is carried out only with fully functional equipment. We monitor the availability of all tolerances, taking into account the prescribed standards, perform regular technical inspection and monitor the condition of the equipment and all components.
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  1. Our equipment meets all existing quality and safety standards. When you sign the contract, you get all the certificates and documents for each car.
  2. We monitor the condition of the vehicle fleet, conduct regular technical inspections, and fix all problems. Before each departure, we additionally check each car.
  3. You get a truck crane with a driver-operator who knows all the subtleties of controlling the machine and is responsible for the quality of work.
  4. Crane rental is possible at sites in the capital and the region. In the latter case, 2 hours are added to the shift for the delivery of equipment.
  5. We accept orders 24 hours a day. We work in shifts and by the hour. The shift includes the time required to deliver the equipment to the worksite. We also offer discounts when ordering long-term works.

To order the service, a corresponding application and contact details are provided on the website. Choose the most convenient method. Our company offers favorable conditions: rent equipment in shifts or daily, an individual choice will allow you to take into account the rhythm of the work performed and avoid overpayment.

It is advisable to book special equipment in advance. If you need a car as soon as possible, we will meet you halfway. To find out how much the services of cranes of a certain type cost, call our managers at +1 780 994-4333 or leave a request for rent on the website.