Washer’s control module repair in Edmonton

Washing machine – one of the most necessary things in the house. Of course, there is nothing worse when such an appliance breaks. You have to call a professional or take your household appliance to a service center, waste time and money, endure various inconveniences and sacrifice your comfort. 

But, breakdowns are different. There are minor things, which not only the repairman can fix quickly and cheaply, but even you by yourself can do without the skills of a professional. And, there are sometimes issues when a very experienced master has to bother for more than one hour with the repairs.

The most complex breakdown in the washer system is a malfunction of the washer control module. This is one of the most difficult parts of the mechanism. The board is the brain of household appliances. 

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The work of all details depends on it. It provides the synchronization of the whole mechanism with a small part on the control module – a microprocessor, and it is the most expensive part of household appliances.

That is why the repairing of a washing machine module is extremely difficult. The modules tend to break, even on the most high-quality and expensive models of washers, be it Bosch, AEG, Whirpool or Samsung. To repair the washing machine board, you need to find a very trusted and reputable repair company.

Diagnostics of the washing machine module

Before contacting the appliance repair service or trying to fix something yourself, you need to make sure whether the module is really broken. You may not need the control module repaired, and in fact, that isn’t the problem, but it’s in some other part of the washer. An incorrect “diagnosis” can cost you a lot of money, time and effort. But, to determine whether you really need to repair the washing machine module is not easy, especially if you are not a professional. Nevertheless, there are a number of indicative “symptoms”, according to which even an amateur can easily guess the essence of the problem:


  • The washing machine has stopped spinning the laundry, the system has a hang up, the appliance does not respond when you press the buttons on the control panel, and no error code appears on the display;
  • All indicators on the machine began to flash (together or alternately – it does not matter). The wash cycle does not start, it is impossible to normalize the state of the control panel (this is often found in the brands Indesit, Kandy, Beko, Whirpool, Ariston);
  • The washing mode is installed normally, but after that, the machine either doesn’t get water at all, or it immediately drains it and starts to fail. But, turning it off and on again usually helps in this case;
  • You set the mode for a quick thirty-minute wash, and the machine erases for the fourth hour and it is not going to start rinsing, and then stop;
  • You are trying to put it in a certain mode, and the machine is buggy and quickly turns off;
  •  You choose a mode, and the display regularly shows the progress of the wash, but nothing happens at the same time;
  • The drum rotates quickly, sometimes slowly, then one way and another, regardless of the selected mode;
  • The temperature of the water is hot or cold no matter what value you choose on the panel.

All these signs may indicate that the washing machine board is in need of repair. But, they will not give an absolute guarantee that your board was broken. To be sure, the module must be tested. Any listed “symptom” may be a sign of a completely different breakdown. Here, we have indicated them only as the most frequent cases.

To confirm your guesses, run the autotest on the washer. How to do this is written in any instructions. After the mechanical test, the board must be checked manually with a multimeter. Only after all these checks can you know for sure if you need to repair a washing machine module, or something else.

Causes of board failure

The board may break for various reasons. This doesn’t always happen during operation. The most common reasons: Defective production – it is not always a sign of low-quality cheap equipment. Even the most expensive models of the most reliable manufacturers, like Siemens, LG, Zanussi, Electrolux, are not insured against such cases. Because of someone’s inaccuracy, some part of the board could be damaged. Such cases are often detected during the warranty period, so you have nothing to worry about. Sometimes the defect does not immediately appear, and the repair of the washing machine board has to be done at your own expense;

1. Placing the mechanism in a humid environment – despite the fact that parts are designed with maximum protection, it is still the most common cause of breakdowns.

2. Moisture causes short circuits and very serious damage;

3. Voltage drops – problems with electrical can burn even the most reliable part;

4. Disconnecting the machine from the electricity while working – there are no circumstances that require doing that, even if it seems it is necessary. It can bring on one of the most complex faults.

But, in spite of all the complexities, repairing the washing machine control module will be easy for you, if you assign it to the professionals of our company.

We work throughout Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, and the surrounding areas. We do not recommend to try to fix the module yourself, unless you are a professional. Without high-quality diagnostics, you will not be able to diagnose everything efficiently, and in the end, you will not save, but will cost you much more.

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