The washing machine works without stopping, repeating the wash cycles one by one. Common issues

second cycle of the washer

Let’s see why this happens, what needs to be done in such cases, and whether repairing a washing machine at home or consulting a professional repairman is needed.

According to statistics, most of the population simply throw laundry into the drum and set the mode, without thinking about how long the washing process lasts.

If the washer has a timer, this procedure is simplified, but if not, then you have to hope for a chance. But even an inexperienced person will be able to notice that something is wrong with the appliance if the washing process was delayed for several hours instead of taking the usual hour.

The main reasons for the long wash

There are several reasons why a washing machine behaves in this way. One of the main problems is the failure of the control module. What are these modules? The modules are control boards that are responsible for impulse noise and protect the equipment from network overloads. The reasons for the breakdown of this module can be several, such as the closure of the control unit or a blown capacitor.

It is quite possible to fix such a breakdown on your own if you know a little about mechanics. The first step is to reach the control module by lifting the front cover. After that, simply replace the old module with the new one. Do not forget that each model has its own label.

The next cause of failure may be a problem with heating the water. This is due to a failure in the module’s programs, which prevents it from controlling the signal transmission. In addition, the washer may be incorrectly connected to the cold water system, which leads to confusion in the system of draining, set and heat water.

Some of the most important mistakes when connecting the washing machine to the sewage system are:

1) clogged filter. The filter does not pass water from the sewer to the tank;

2) improperly installed hose. The hose must be bent; otherwise, the water pressure will not be able to straighten it;

3) failure of electronics.

washer control module malfunctionIn addition to many reasons, many washing machines, such as Bosch, Samsung, Zanussi, which have a display, there are error codes that it will show in case of malfunctions. The basics of codes in the case of continuous washing will have codes E05 and E02, which indicate filter clogging, incorrect position of the hose or breakage of the pump.

In the latter case, it is necessary to contact a specialist, as further actions may adversely affect the efficiency of washing machine mechanisms. 

What needs to be done first, after the washer has started repeating the wash cycle?

The first step is to turn off the machine with the shutdown button for a while. Then you should disconnect it completely from the power supply. After half an hour, you need to drain the water from the drum, pull out the laundry and disconnect the power again.

Self-repair or call the master?

In any situation, there are two sides of the coin: you can try to solve the problem yourself, or you can trust a professional. It should be remembered that a washing machine of any model, whether Indesit, LG, Siemens or Ariston, is a complex household appliance, and its repair requires special skills and abilities. Improper actions and superficial repairs can lead to more serious damage, after which the washer can no longer be repaired. Appreciate the pros and cons, but as always, the decision is yours.

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  • Michael LeBlanc

    Kenmore washer model 4944 or 4945 not sure which.
    Washer does not stop and clothes come out wet when you stop manually.

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