Major malfunctions of washing machines

All breakdowns of automatic washing machines can be divided into rare and typical. How they differ is clear from the name. In 90% of cases of departure for repair, the master is faced with typical malfunctions. Moreover, they are typical for washers of any brand and type. This is understandable – the working conditions and design of all washing machines are very similar. Of course, there are also “branded” breakages, but it is more logical to attribute them to the second category.

All that did not fall into the above 90% can rightfully be attributed to atypical cases of failures. This should include damage due to the fault of the owner, factory defects and blemishes during assembly. The most complex faults – “floating”. This is when the machine “that works, it does not work.” The identification and elimination of such “crickets” can only be done by a qualified washing machine repair technician with experience.

Well, now we will list the main faults of the washing machine, which indicate incorrect operation, and require the intervention of the owner or specialist:

Water does not heat up

In the manual of the device, there are a number of reasons for this phenomenon, but in practice everything is simple. In 95% of cases – is the failure of the heater. Even more can be explained such a malfunction of the washing machine – the water does not heat up due to the break of the power supply circuit of the heating element. As a rule, just burned out the terminal. It is not a rare phenomenon for washers of certain brands.

The remaining 2 – 3% of cases fall on the “exotic” – a malfunction of the sensors and the failure of the control unit.

Note: self-repair is contraindicated.

No water in the washing machine

Since it does not arrive, it means that there is no pressure in the system. The reason for this often becomes a blocked tap water supply, which feeds the machine. The culprit may also be a faulty valve. There is an option with a faulty control unit, but this is not common.

If the error pops up some time after the set, and some of the powder is still washed away – it makes sense to clean the filter.

Note: with a closed tap, everything is clear. With cleaning the filter is quite possible to handle by yourself.

Washer immediately drains the water

The-washing-machine-immediately-drains-the-waterThere are two options. The first is self-draining. That is, the water is discharged immediately after dialing. The reason for this phenomenon – the wrong connection to the sewer. Self-draining can take place immediately after connection, and may disturb after a while. It all depends on the particular sewer and its type. The second option is fraught with trouble. If a drain occurs some time after the program starts, it means there is a malfunction.

Note: in the first case, you just need to properly connect the machine to the sewer. In the second we call the master, without options.

Water underneath the washing machine

Water-underneath-the-washing-machineIf you make the list of top causes of this phenomenon, the curtain wash will lead. Exactly. The fact is that during this operation the powder foams strongly. Meanwhile, the curtains practically do not absorb water, but they beat the foam quite well. So much foam is formed that it starts to leak out through the technological openings in the washing machine system. Foam is converted into water, which scares the owner with his presence under the machine.

The second, by popularity, reason is the leakage of the nozzle, the brake of the hatch cuff and the poor installation of the water supply hose. Well, a rare phenomenon – the flow of the drum itself.

Note: the owner can cope with the replacement of the gasket of the supply hose (if he finds a suitable gasket), but the rest will have to be addressed to the master.

Washing machine does not drain

Has the drain pump filter been cleaned? If the answer to this question is difficult to give, you can try to do it now.

If the filter has nothing to do with it, it means that the costs of replacing the drain pump are coming. By the way, it is possible he broke down because of a clogged filter.

Note: you need to regularly clean the filter and everything will be drained as it should.

Washer doesn't turn on


Perhaps nobody plugged it into the outlet or the incorrectly chosen  automatic protection was knocked out. If this is all right, then the control unit is out of order. In rare cases, the reason lies in the failure of the power filter.

Note: again, you need to properly connect the machine to the network. In case of suspected block failure, call the master.


Washing machine knocks

The reason for the increased noise of the machine can be its design feature. If it starts knocking “suddenly”, the following options are possible:

Getting inside the tank of a foreign object.

Underwear is unevenly distributed on the drum, resulting in an imbalance. Very often this happens when washing bed linen.

Bearing failure.

Incorrect installation of the machine.

Note: it is better to call a specialist, if there is nothing terrible, do not worry. But if it is a malfunction, it is important to detect and eliminate it as soon as possible.

Here, in principle, is the entire list of the main faults of the washing machine, which are the most common. I keep silence about broken pens, covers, buttons and displays – it doesn’t happen often and requires an individual approach to repair. Is something happening to the machine that is not described above? Call, we will solve your problems.

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