What You Can Do To Get Your Lennox Heater, HVAC, Air Conditioner, or Furnace Repair Today

Do you have any number of problems with a Lennox appliance?

Do you have a Lennox unit, such as an HVAC, air conditioner, or heater acting up after years of reliable performance?

Are you considering purchasing a Lennox appliance for your business or home?

If you own a Lennox appliance or are thinking about getting one, we’re here to ensure safe installation, proper function, and prompt repair in the event of a problem of your Lennox unit and great performance for years to come.

Our Edmonton based specialists have decades of experience in the installation, service, and repair industries, having maintained HVAC units for decades and provided exemplary customer service at highly affordable rates. 

Beyond Lennox appliances, including HVAC units, air conditioners, heaters, and furnaces, we also service HVAC systems manufactured by companies including Goodman, Trane, Napoleon, Trane, Carrier, Amana, and Rheem – just to name a few. 

Discover today what we can do to get your Lennox appliance working again, ensuring years of great performance for you and/or your family or employees. 

When is it time to call in a professional repairman or service technician for help?

Some issues with Lennox appliances can be fixed by you – but there are a significant number of problems that require professional assistance. If you see a light sequence like the ones described below when you look at the display attached to your Lennox appliance, your device fails to power on or its fans won’t “kick,” or you simply cannot keep the hot or cold air flowing in your home or business, you will likely need to bring in a qualified professional in order to promptly solve your problems.

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A number of common error messages you may happen to see on a Lennox device include the following:

  1. LED lights both are just black (neither LED powers on in any way) – this indicates that your Lennox appliance is failing to power on, which means that it’s not getting power. Start by investigating the breaker that supplies electricity to your unit. Look for blown fuses and flip any necessary switches on your breaker box  in order to reset the unit. If your attempt to get the Lennox appliance to reset changes nothing, call [NUMBER] to schedule service and get solutions for this any other issues related to your Lennox appliance you may have.
  2. One LED light is showing a solid color, but the other LED is displaying a pattern of blinking on and off extremely slowly – your unit has an open flame rollout switch. This switch is responsible for preventing your unit from burns, and it protects you and your family or employees from lethal carbon monoxide leaks. Absolutely do not try to solve this issue by yourself! Instead, call a highly qualified service specialist and get them address the problem as soon as you have the opportunity to do so.
  3. The first LED light blinks fast, but the second LED light is moving in a very slow blinking pattern – this display indicates that your Lennox appliance’s power polarity has somehow become inverted. This often is a major issue with your appliance’s wiring that absolutely must be addressed by a certified Lennox service technician to guarantee proper function from your Lennox appliance.
  4. Both LED lights are turning on and off in a flickering pattern, but doing so slowly – more often than not, this is an indicator that your appliance has a nonworking blower motor. This tends to indicate that the air from your HVAC unit, whether it’s hot or cold, is failing to circulate in your business or home.
  5. One LED light is going on and off very slowly, but the other LED light is going on and off very fast – this is an error message telling you that your appliance has a shorted circuit or is receiving inadequate voltage. This too is a major issue with your appliance and is best solved by a certified Lennox specialist.
  6.  One LED light switches on, then on again, then switches back off, while the appliance’s second LED light switches on, then off, then back on again – the furnace has a major malfunction concerning either its wiring or its control board. Your unit has a specific power error requiring professional assistance.
  7. The first and second LED light both are switching on and off slowly in an alternating fashion – this indicates that your furnace’s flame has an issue, which may be caused by the unit’s gas supply system, ignition control, or its gas valve. Call us as soon as you can, and we will send a technician to come to your home or business to determine the exact cause of this error.
  8. The first LED flashes slow, but the second LED flashes in a continuous manner – your furnace is suffering from a dysfunctional limit switch, which is a key component that ensures that your furnace does not overheat. This is a major problem that requires professional oversight and can create major safety hazards, so call us for help immediately.

Why bring in Lennox certified specialists?

Some issues with Lennox appliances can be fixed by you – but there are a significant number of problems that require professional assistance. If you see a light sequence like the ones described below when you look at the display attached to your Lennox appliance, your device fails to power on or its fans won’t “kick,” or you simply cannot keep the hot or cold air flowing in your home or business, you will likely need to bring in a qualified professional in order to promptly solve your problems.

It’s simple:

  1. Manufacturer certifications matter – if a technician doesn’t know how to solve problems with your specific Lennox unit, you may find yourself working with someone who has never seen – or worked on – a unit like yours before, which can slow down their workflow and even lead to long-term damage to your appliance.
  2. Protect your warranty –the standard warranty included with any Lennox appliance requires that you work with certified suppliers, technicians, and repairmen for any work done to the unit. If you choose to work with an uncertified technician, Lennox likely will refuse to cover any costs you incur through maintenance, and these can add up quickly.
  3. Get the parts you need – to ensure your Lennox HVAC provides you with the climate control and comfort your home or business needs, your technician will need to be able to provide authentic OEM components to replace whatever has failed in yours. Many handymen lack access to these parts, and even when they can successfully diagnose what’s wrong, there’s no good in making a diagnosis if they can’t also provide a replacement. Unless you can stand the discomfort of living without a furnace or air conditioner for even longer, we highly recommend not working with non-certified technicians.

These are all reasons that you should choose [GoTech Appliance & Furnace Repair] – Edmonton’s leading Lennox repair team. We fix Lennox appliances on our first visit – not our fifth, tenth, or fifteenth.

Get Emergency Repair Service for Your Lennox Unit, 8:30 AM - 8 PM / 7

If you have a heater that fails on you or creates an emergency situation, we’re standing by to help you out – no matter when. We’re available to address any emergency needs that may arise. 

All Brands, All Models

With specialists located all over the Edmonton area and sophisticated GPS tracking, [ GoTech Appliance & Furnace Repair ] will send technicians and specialists already in your area directly to your business or home when needed. [ GoTech Appliance & Furnace Repair ] is certified to repair many leading appliance manufacturers’ products, and we service almost every brand of furnace, HVAC, or cooling unit – not only Lennox.

Accurate, Clear Pricing

Before we start working, we provide you with a detailed, up-front quote. You know exactly what you’re committing to and will have no unpleasant surprises on your invoice after service is completed.

Certified Parts

Our equipment warehouses are mobile and fully stocked with components to repair Lennox furnaces, which means that we can almost always save our customers time by diagnosing your appliances’ problems and delivering any repair parts we need within one visit.

Experienced Troubleshooters

We have been troubleshooting Lennox appliances for over two decades. We’ll identify your issue and get it fixed correctly on the very first try.

Keep Your HVAC Appliances Working For Years To Come

  1. It’s just as essential to trap cool air in as it is to keep warm air out! If your goal is to ensure that your home stays cool during the summer and warm in the winter, don’t forget to insulate your attic, caulk exposed areas, and add weather stripping where appropriate.
  2. Check to ensure proper airflow throughout your home. Make sure that all of your ducts don’t have any separated joints or holes, and bring in a professional to get any necessary repairs done as-needed.
  3. Insulate your AC ducts, especially when they’re located in untreated or unconditioned areas like attics, garages, or crawlspaces. Be sure to do this anywhere your house opens up to the attic or exterior as well.
  4. Look into your AC unit’s SEER rating. SEER is short for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and devices with higher SEER ratings are more energy efficient, which means they will also produce significantly lower utility bills. Upgrading to appliances with higher SEER ratings is a great way to cut long-term costs, and all central AC units manufactured after 2006 have a SEER rating of at least 13, meaning that you should now have many great options available to you.

We Repair All Types, Models, Brands of Furnace

If your home or business is suffering from an issue with a furnace, combination HVAC, air conditioner, or other appliance, we’re ready to bring the latest in repair technology and highly certified repair teams directly to you. [ GoTech Appliance & Furnace Repair ] is authorized not just to service Lennox appliances but all major brands, and we’re available to help you when you need it – not just when it’s convenient.

Other brands we service include:

Goodman Furnace Repair in Edmonton Goodman Furnace Repair

Goodman HVAC units are known for their reliability, but problems do arise. We’re ready to help you when something acts up.

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trane-furnace-repair in EdmontonCarrier Furnace Repair 

Get factory certified specialists to install, repair, and maintain Carrier furnaces.

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trane-furnace-repair EdmontonAmana Furnace Repair

Get any and all repairs necessary for an Amana furnace anywhere in the greater Edmonton area. 

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amana-furnace-repair in EdmontonTrane Furnace Repair

We know Trane. If you are experiencing a problem with a Trane appliance, we’re standing by identify your issue and deliver the fix.

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If your home or business requires service for a Lennox appliance, we’re ready to deliver the service you’ve been looking for.

Simply call [ GoTech Appliance & Furnace Repair ] now at (780) 443-333 to see how a specialist can help you today.

Our company provides services in Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Devon, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Morinville, Gibbons, West & North & Southside Edmonton, Beaumont ,Leduc.


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