DIY cheap oven repair service

Modern ovens break quite rarely, but problems in their work are not excluded. The difficulty is that design and all its elements do not provide for extraneous interference. Oven repair at home is usually carried out by replacing parts and in most cases it is done by an experienced oven repairman. However, in some cases, the damage can be repaired independently.

When it makes sense to interfere in the design

If you try to provide oven repair service by yourself, you should know the situations when this should not be done. You definitely do not need to open the body frame, if:

  • electric oven is under warranty;
  • the information panel of the oven shows the problem is the failure of a complex part;
  • you know nothing about electric engineering.

Initial inspection

Checking the fuse in the plugBefore grabbing a multimeter, putting on gloves, and pulling out a set of screwdrivers, it makes sense to check for power in the oven. It is worth looking for answers to the following questions:

  1. Is there power on?
  2. Are there any problems with power cable?
  3. Is the contact between socket and plug good?
  4. Are there traces of carbon deposits, melting on the plug and socket?
  5. Is the guard pin or oven fuse working?
  6. Is the power wire in ideal state, if there are fractures, abrasions or thermal reflow?

If the above problems do not exist, and the oven still does not work, it is necessary to check the appliance for standard faults.

What faults occur most often

If electronic control unit of the oven suddenly fails, be ready to know about oven repair prices in your area. In most cases, you do not need to do anything to identify this problem. Modern models of ovens are equipped with self-testing system: electronics will independently set a signal by displaying the error code.

Repair of the control module in electric ovens by your own hands is possible only if you have experience and knowledge in electronic engineering.

Control-system-failure-oven-repairParts are replaceable and they can be ordered from the manufacturer’s catalog. For people who prefer to get out of the oven baked chicken, but not electronic boards, it is better to call oven repair technician.
If it is not possible or the qualification oven repair professionals are not credible, you can order the entire control unit. It can be done on the official website of the manufacturer or in a specialized online store. Usually installing board in place of the burned one isn’t difficult.

Breaking of mechanical timers & mode switches

Most modern models, that are equipped with mechanical regulators, are not provided for their disassembly and cleaning. Initial repair consists of removal of contaminants from outside, removal of the contact wires and cleaning of leading-out terminal plates on the controller or timer.  If it does not help or does not help fully, the part should be replaced from electric oven appliance.

Oven mode switch
Oven mode switch

Some older models allow cleaning of mechanical regulators, after which they work perfectly, without complaints. It is necessary to make service by means of non-aggressive solvents, for example, white spirit or a weak solution of ammonia. The oxides should be cleaned from the contact group by very fine sandpaper, and for removing corrosion it is better to use special primers.

Mechanical thermostat oven
Mechanical thermostat
Supercharger failure

Mechanical thermostat failure

It is a detail which is often changed including also gas oven repairs. Interference in the design of the device is not required. The entire element is replaced.



Supercharger failure

The fan blower and grill, over time, cease to create a high-quality air flow. If the engine is running, it is needed to clean the impeller. It constantly accumulates dust, while the blow fans – fat and oil.

After a certain period of operating life, it is necessary to disassemble the oven and lubricate the engine, if it is provided for by its design.

In case of supercharger failure, rewinding or other repair is simply unprofitable – the unit is replaced entirely. The grill engine is proceeded likewise. It is placed in one piece body frame together with the reducer.

Heater Breakage

The heating elements of the oven are constantly working in critical mode. It is quite easy to determine whether heater works. For this, you need to turn on your oven to the appropriate heating mode and check the temperature by touching the hand in the kitchen mitten. The method works, but for more precise result it is better to use a pyrometer. The device will clearly show uniformity of the heating area, and indicate the temperature limit in a given mode. It will allow to diagnose completely or partially “burnt” heater in the oven repair process.

Infrared pyrometer
Infrared pyrometer

Heaters are replaced after disassembly of the body frame, and it isn’t difficult to buy the appropriate part. Specific markings can be read after removing the heating element or in reference data of your electric oven.


The last three elements that can be changed without doubt and hesitation are the backlight lamp, thermal switch and the film touch panel. All these parts are not subject to clean and repair.

You will be informed about operating of the thermal switch in emergency mode by the oven’s electronics, and the problems in the operation of the film touch panel are diagnosed by the absence of reaction, need to exert excessive pressure, accidental operatings.  The backlight lamp can be replaced by your own hands, but for the installation of new thermal switch or film sensor, it is better to contact local oven repair service.

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