Does the beer cooler not work? Need an urgent repair of the beer cooler? You’ve come to the right place! Depending on the situation and the cause of the failure, planned or urgent repairs of beer coolers in Edmonton and the area may be carried out. Masters will eliminate any breakage in the shortest possible time and allow you to return to the usual course of production or sale of low-alcohol beverages without harm to the business.

Repair of beer coolers in the Edmonton and Edmonton area. Urgent, qualified repair of the beer cooler is the direction of our company. You can order services by contacting the operator by phone

 (780)- 994-4333

Commercial Beer Cooler Repair
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When do I need to repair beer coolers?

Production and sale of the beer are impossible without installations for beer cooling. They perform an important role-they to maintain an optimal temperature and prevent the growth of bacteria. If the beer cooler fails, the drink will quickly deteriorate (sour) and become unusable. To avoid this, contact our service center at the first sign of a malfunction.

Since installations for cooling low-alcohol beverages are complex structures, breakdowns are quite common. Owners of this cooling equipment often face such problems:

  • loss of pressure in the refrigerant system (leakage);
  • the failure of the compressor;
  • failures in the operation of the thermostat;
  • coil failure, etc.

The cooler is no longer functioning. Whereas your refrigerator is out-of-run, try checking it out. It could have been switched off or its fuse has blown. Contact our Gotech team to get the issue fixed.

Drinks are getting frozen. If beverages are freezing, you may check the thermostat state. Maybe you should replace it. Call our specialists and the problem will be resolved. 

The cooler is warm. If your refrigerator produces a higher temperature than needed, it may be caused by a warm setting, the condenser blocked with dust, or a low refrigerant. Gotech experts will deal with these breakdowns as fast as possible.

Warm air stream in the exhaust vent. The cause of the problem may be in a non-operational compressor or a refrigerant leak. Contact our technicians to fix the equipment. 

The bar refrigerator cycles irregularly. This problem may also be affected by a hot environment. If this isn’t the case, reach our technicians and your bar cooler will be repaired shortly. 

Whatever problem you face when ordering repairs of beer coolers in Edmonton from us, be sure the service will be performed efficiently

A wide range of services

Since our craftsmen have a lot of experience, we carry out repairs of any complexity. We will diagnose and determine the cause of the problem. During the repair, we will replace the components that have failed:

  • compressor;
  •  thermoregulators;
  •  evaporators;
  •  power button;
  • temperature sensor;
  • other non-working elements.

Also, our masters can carry out the washing of condensers, refueling of freon, and provide other services necessary to restore the serviceability of cooling equipment, as well as preventive measures aimed at preventing breakdowns.

You can contact our company with any problem or breakage. We will quickly and efficiently restore the performance of your beer cooler — nothing will interfere with the production or sale of low-alcohol beverages.

Advantages of our service center

Since beer coolers are complex in design, only specialists with the appropriate knowledge and skills can fix the problem. Do not try to save money and make repairs yourself. This usually causes it to become more expensive and cause large financial losses. Entrust the repair and maintenance of beer coolers to our professionals and save yourself from unnecessary headaches.

We repair all models of beer coolers from different manufacturers. Our company employs qualified and experienced specialists, who can easily repair any repairs. We are so confident in the quality of our services that we provide warranty service for the repaired equipment.


commercial beer coolers repair in Edmonton

Repair of beer coolers in Edmonton or Edmonton region is a service of the service center “GoTech Appliance repairs”, provided at a professional level. They also provide services on the territory of the region. If necessary, we will come to you as soon as possible to repair the installation. In addition, we can drive up to you at any convenient time, including on weekends, holidays, and in the evening.

The departure of the master is made by Edmonton and Edmonton area.

Check-out and diagnostics within Edmonton only $99

Protect your business by contacting our GoTech appliance repairs team and get your cooler repaired. Call us right now at (780)-994-4333 or schedule an appointment online. We acknowledge the bar cooler problems can cause a lot of inconveniences for the whole business day, so we will diagnose an issue on your schedule.