Where Is Electrolux Washer Made

lectrolux is one of those brands of household appliance

Electrolux is one of those brands of household appliance that need no introduction. Its quality becomes merely a legend and is fully associated with such metaphors as Scandinavian god’s strength and reliability of the northern land.

   Let’s deep inside the history of the trademark Electrolux to learn more about its specifics and especially about where are their devices made.

Sweden Brand With Century-lasting History

It was in 1908 when Axel Wenner-Grenn, a travelling salesman from Sweden was impressed by the vacuum-cleaner model made in the US he has seen on the shop’s glass case. He wasn’t exactly a washer technician or an oven repair specialist but his impression at last forms one of the most acknowledged brands worldwide.

   In 1910 he has established a company that produced some appliance’s prototypes without any remarkable success. So was the situation of another company – the AB Lux Brand that was manufacturing kerosene lamps. In 1912, when the electricity began its world-conquering campaign, level of demand for kerosene lamps decreased and it was necessary to change the business direction to more appropriate and technological at once.

   So both companies were merged in one under the trademark that is now well-known as Electrolux in 1923. Then the company was expanded some times by acquisition and merging some other companies and manufacturers to become soon one of the biggest appliance manufacturers in North Europe and in the whole world subsequently.

What Are The Specific Features Electrolux Brand Has

There are some interesting facts concerning Electrolux.

  • In different countries, it sells its goods under different trademarks. In the US it is still known as Aerus LLC for vacuum-cleaner consumers.
  • Today its average sales volume is over 60 million of appliance examples per year.
  • Since 2011 the CEO of Electrolux is a non-Sweden citizen.
  • That was Electrolux who presented the first washer to become etalon for washing class definition in terms of international standards.

   There are plenty of merits the company has in the field of industrial design and innovations. Their partners are counted by hundreds worldwide including famous Michelin guide cooking chefs and well-known designers.

Where Are The Washers Made By Electrolux Manufactured

Being actually a Sweden company, Electrolux now has a lot of fabrics and plants worldwide. Some of them are still located in the Scandinavian countries, some are placed in South-Eastern Asia, and some – in Eastern Europe, including such countries as Ukraine, Poland. That’s important to know the manufacturer country of your washer if you are in need of washing machine appliance repair services.

   In Sweden, only a small fraction of the range of models of washing machines that can be seen in the store is produced. Most are collected in factories in China, Poland, Germany and Ukraine. 

For example, the manufacturer of the EW 1010 F and EWF 1486 models is Germany. The EWF 1090 and EWF 1086 models are of Italian assembly, the EWC 1350 and EWC 1150 cars are assembled in Poland, while the EWF 147410 A and EWF 106410 A models are in Ukraine.

   Despite the variety of variants, where your washer was produced. It’s important to know that the Electrolux company has the highest control over production, just to save the reputation and fame, so the quality of machines does not depend on the country in which they were going.

   That’s why if you are seeking for those masters who repairs Electrolux washers, it’s not so important to define the manufacturer’s country of your device – each of them has equal high quality and reliability proved by decades of experience on the world appliance’ market.

How to clean a Smelly Refrigerator? How to get rid of a stale fridge smell?

how to get rid of a bad fridge smell

For some reason our repairmen have been getting a lot of calls regarding a strange smell or odor that is coming from the fridge.
Usually what they do – ispect the interior of the fridge and the freezer compartment. Because all these problems heppen of the condensition that builds up in the moisture. When your freezer goes on the defrost cycle and the element starts to heat up then will start to cause the water and the moisture to go through the drain.


I'm gonna show you how to get rid the stale smell in your fridge before the master's inspection

Step 1: Empty your fridge and throw out any old food or leftovers that have been stored for more than 3 to 4 days. Place the food in the cool place and keep cool during cleaning.

Step 2: Use a clean sponge or soft cloth and wsh all surfaces with wild detergent mixed with warm water and wipe dry with a clean towel to remove germs and smells.

Step 3: To help control odors use warm water mixed with a baking soda. Solutions about 1 to 2 table spoons of baking soda mixed with a quarter of water.

Step 4: Put dry baking soda in a bowl and lay it on the bottom shelf of your fridge to absorb any lingering odors.

Step 5: Refill your fridge with items.

But, I want to add that sometimes such types of mixtures can fix the symptom, but it is not the root cause of the problem.

To actually fix this problem is to lift the fridge, push it on its back, tilt it, and find one screw that secures the drip pan to the frame underneath at the bottom. Or you need to push the fridge forward and inspect the drip pan.

Сleaning this drip pan will help solve your problem in 99% of cases

Washer’s control module repair in Edmonton

Washing machine – one of the most necessary things in the house. Of course, there is nothing worse when such an appliance breaks. You have to call a professional or take your household appliance to a service center, waste time and money, endure various inconveniences and sacrifice your comfort. 

But, breakdowns are different. There are minor things, which not only the repairman can fix quickly and cheaply, but even you by yourself can do without the skills of a professional. And, there are sometimes issues when a very experienced master has to bother for more than one hour with the repairs.

The most complex breakdown in the washer system is a malfunction of the washer control module. This is one of the most difficult parts of the mechanism. The board is the brain of household appliances. 

control module repair edmonton

The work of all details depends on it. It provides the synchronization of the whole mechanism with a small part on the control module – a microprocessor, and it is the most expensive part of household appliances.

That is why the repairing of a washing machine module is extremely difficult. The modules tend to break, even on the most high-quality and expensive models of washers, be it Bosch, AEG, Whirpool or Samsung. To repair the washing machine board, you need to find a very trusted and reputable repair company.

Diagnostics of the washing machine module

Before contacting the appliance repair service or trying to fix something yourself, you need to make sure whether the module is really broken. You may not need the control module repaired, and in fact, that isn’t the problem, but it’s in some other part of the washer. An incorrect “diagnosis” can cost you a lot of money, time and effort. But, to determine whether you really need to repair the washing machine module is not easy, especially if you are not a professional. Nevertheless, there are a number of indicative “symptoms”, according to which even an amateur can easily guess the essence of the problem:


  • The washing machine has stopped spinning the laundry, the system has a hang up, the appliance does not respond when you press the buttons on the control panel, and no error code appears on the display;
  • All indicators on the machine began to flash (together or alternately – it does not matter). The wash cycle does not start, it is impossible to normalize the state of the control panel (this is often found in the brands Indesit, Kandy, Beko, Whirpool, Ariston);
  • The washing mode is installed normally, but after that, the machine either doesn’t get water at all, or it immediately drains it and starts to fail. But, turning it off and on again usually helps in this case;
  • You set the mode for a quick thirty-minute wash, and the machine erases for the fourth hour and it is not going to start rinsing, and then stop;
  • You are trying to put it in a certain mode, and the machine is buggy and quickly turns off;
  •  You choose a mode, and the display regularly shows the progress of the wash, but nothing happens at the same time;
  • The drum rotates quickly, sometimes slowly, then one way and another, regardless of the selected mode;
  • The temperature of the water is hot or cold no matter what value you choose on the panel.

All these signs may indicate that the washing machine board is in need of repair. But, they will not give an absolute guarantee that your board was broken. To be sure, the module must be tested. Any listed “symptom” may be a sign of a completely different breakdown. Here, we have indicated them only as the most frequent cases.

To confirm your guesses, run the autotest on the washer. How to do this is written in any instructions. After the mechanical test, the board must be checked manually with a multimeter. Only after all these checks can you know for sure if you need to repair a washing machine module, or something else.

Causes of board failure

The board may break for various reasons. This doesn’t always happen during operation. The most common reasons: Defective production – it is not always a sign of low-quality cheap equipment. Even the most expensive models of the most reliable manufacturers, like Siemens, LG, Zanussi, Electrolux, are not insured against such cases. Because of someone’s inaccuracy, some part of the board could be damaged. Such cases are often detected during the warranty period, so you have nothing to worry about. Sometimes the defect does not immediately appear, and the repair of the washing machine board has to be done at your own expense;

1. Placing the mechanism in a humid environment – despite the fact that parts are designed with maximum protection, it is still the most common cause of breakdowns.

2. Moisture causes short circuits and very serious damage;

3. Voltage drops – problems with electrical can burn even the most reliable part;

4. Disconnecting the machine from the electricity while working – there are no circumstances that require doing that, even if it seems it is necessary. It can bring on one of the most complex faults.

But, in spite of all the complexities, repairing the washing machine control module will be easy for you, if you assign it to the professionals of our company.

We work throughout Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, and the surrounding areas. We do not recommend to try to fix the module yourself, unless you are a professional. Without high-quality diagnostics, you will not be able to diagnose everything efficiently, and in the end, you will not save, but will cost you much more.

The washing machine works without stopping, repeating the wash cycles one by one. Common issues

second cycle of the washer

Let’s see why this happens, what needs to be done in such cases, and whether repairing a washing machine at home or consulting a professional repairman is needed.

According to statistics, most of the population simply throw laundry into the drum and set the mode, without thinking about how long the washing process lasts.

If the washer has a timer, this procedure is simplified, but if not, then you have to hope for a chance. But even an inexperienced person will be able to notice that something is wrong with the appliance if the washing process was delayed for several hours instead of taking the usual hour.

The main reasons for the long wash

There are several reasons why a washing machine behaves in this way. One of the main problems is the failure of the control module. What are these modules? The modules are control boards that are responsible for impulse noise and protect the equipment from network overloads. The reasons for the breakdown of this module can be several, such as the closure of the control unit or a blown capacitor.

It is quite possible to fix such a breakdown on your own if you know a little about mechanics. The first step is to reach the control module by lifting the front cover. After that, simply replace the old module with the new one. Do not forget that each model has its own label.

The next cause of failure may be a problem with heating the water. This is due to a failure in the module’s programs, which prevents it from controlling the signal transmission. In addition, the washer may be incorrectly connected to the cold water system, which leads to confusion in the system of draining, set and heat water.

Some of the most important mistakes when connecting the washing machine to the sewage system are:

1) clogged filter. The filter does not pass water from the sewer to the tank;

2) improperly installed hose. The hose must be bent; otherwise, the water pressure will not be able to straighten it;

3) failure of electronics.

washer control module malfunctionIn addition to many reasons, many washing machines, such as Bosch, Samsung, Zanussi, which have a display, there are error codes that it will show in case of malfunctions. The basics of codes in the case of continuous washing will have codes E05 and E02, which indicate filter clogging, incorrect position of the hose or breakage of the pump.

In the latter case, it is necessary to contact a specialist, as further actions may adversely affect the efficiency of washing machine mechanisms. 

What needs to be done first, after the washer has started repeating the wash cycle?

The first step is to turn off the machine with the shutdown button for a while. Then you should disconnect it completely from the power supply. After half an hour, you need to drain the water from the drum, pull out the laundry and disconnect the power again.

Self-repair or call the master?

In any situation, there are two sides of the coin: you can try to solve the problem yourself, or you can trust a professional. It should be remembered that a washing machine of any model, whether Indesit, LG, Siemens or Ariston, is a complex household appliance, and its repair requires special skills and abilities. Improper actions and superficial repairs can lead to more serious damage, after which the washer can no longer be repaired. Appreciate the pros and cons, but as always, the decision is yours.

The advices of an expert on choosing a refrigerator

In each dwelling there must be a good refrigerator, which will correspond to the parameters necessary for your operation. To purchase a high-quality unit for storing food in it, you should use the advice of specialists who offer to make a choice according to several criteria. Using the recommendations below, you will know what to look for.

Dimensions and Volume

To make the right choice, you need to decide what size you need, because when choosing the first model you like, you may encounter trouble when the refrigerator simply does not fit the size of your kitchen.

The refrigerator can be produced in five sizes:

● small. The height of such units is 80-160 cm with a width of 50 cm. The depth of the device is standard – 60 cm. The volume is 50-60 liters. Such equipment will be optimal for the country house, mini hotel or office space;

● mini-bars. They have a height of 80 centimeters, the width of the models will be 50 centimeters, with a depth of 50-60 cm. The volume of equipment reaches 50-60 liters. As a rule, such devices are used to preserve fresh vegetables and drinks;

● European standard. In this category there are devices, with a height of 170-205 cm, width, as well as depth, have traditional parameters (60 * 60), with a volume of 50-140 liters. The device will be optimal for a cottage or apartments with small dimensions;

● medium, with small height, but wide. The width of this type of equipment is over 80 centimeters, height reaches 170 centimeters. The volume of the device reaches 200-260 liters. They can also be installed in a small house or apartment. As a rule, they store billets for winter;

● large. Such refrigerators have a width with standard parameters, which are 60 centimeters. The height of the equipment reaches 195-210 cm, the volume can accommodate 350-850 liters. It is best to purchase such equipment for a large house or apartment.

Refrigerator chambers

You should choose a refrigerator with several chambers, if you want to have a unit with different temperature regions. Such models allow you to set up a separate temperature regime for the fish compartment, the vegetable compartment, as well as for the berries and so on.

Currently very popular single-chamber refrigerator is suitable for a small room.

Models with two cameras have shown themselves well, because products keep longer in them, especially if you plan to freeze for the winter period.

Three-chambered devices have zero and lower temperature readings. Products are kept fresh for a long period In them. If you use a low-temperature chamber, then various greens with salads will look fresh even after 1.5 weeks.

The chamber with deep freezing makes it possible to preserve all the necessary vitamins with useful components in the products. This model will be ideal for gardeners who harvest their crops for the entire winter season.

The temperature regime, which is set in the refrigerating chamber, is denoted by asterisks. The greater the number of icons, the longer the food can be stored.


When choosing a refrigerator, take into account its shelves. In modern devices there are plastic, metal and glass shelves. The best choice are versions with grilles, because air is circulated through them.

This action has a direct impact on the preservation of freshness of food. If you have the opportunity, purchase a refrigerator with such shelves.

Freezing chambers

The choice of the freezer should be treated with all responsibility, as certain types may not fit you according to the criteria. In total there are 4 types of freezers, which are marked with asterisks:

  • 1 star. The temperature of freezing in a similar chamber is -6 degrees. It can store food for one week. This view is not particularly suitable for long-term storage of freezing;
  • 2 stars. Here the temperature will be -12 degrees. Food can be stored for one month;
  • 3 stars. The temperature in the chamber is -18 degrees. Food can be stored for 3 months;
  • 4 stars. Here the freezing power falls below -18 degrees and can reach -24. Food can be stored for 6-12 months.

In this chamber you can harvest meat, fish and even berries.

Defrost system

There are three types of defrosting for cooling chambers:

  • The simplest option is the manual method. Its work is identical with the freezing chamber. When using this method defrosting both chambers occure;
  • “No Frost” system is used in more expensive refrigeration equipment. The process of action is identical with the freezing chamber. The difference lies in the fact that the system can be embedded in the freezer or located in both chambers;
  • The third type is present in many modern devices. It is based on the fact that ice is formed on the evaporator during the compressor operation period. During compressor shutdown, the ice begins to thaw. This method is also called drip.

Each of the defrost systems has its negative features. If you are planning to choose “No Frost” or drip method, then you should know that in the first case there is a rapid dehydration of food. Also, due to the fan, the refrigerator has a high noise level.


The model should be chosen based on the interior of your kitchen. Manufacturers offer refrigerators with different types of coverage. You can purchase a device made of glass, stainless steel or simply painted.

If you want your refrigeration equipment to retain its presentability for a long period of time, stop the choice on the glass. There are no fingerprints on this cover.

According to its color and color scheme, the device should harmoniously fit into the room. This criterion is of particular importance if you plan to place the equipment in another room.

Additional functions

Auxiliary features also have great value. Pay attention not only to the degree of noise during operation, but also to the method of control, the presence of an ice generator, the mode of operation, the presence of an antibacterial coating, and other options.

The quality of the compressor, which is installed in the device, affects the noise level. This factor is also related to the lifetime of the device. The best option is the volume of 21-56 dB.

Thermoelectric as well as absorption models provide silent operation. But due to the fact that they have a small size, this option is not suitable for everyone.

The noise level that a refrigerator produces during operation can be related to one of the main criteria that influences your choice. If the weak noise does not give you problems when the refrigerator is located in the kitchen, then the same noise, only in one of the living rooms, can interfere with your business.

Power usage

When choosing a refrigerator for your home, you need to look at the class of energy consumption. The category of the most economical models includes devices whose class is equal to: “A ++, A + and A”. The following are models with a class: “B” and “C”. They are not very different from the first representatives. If we talk about refrigerators, whose class of energy consumption is equal to “D” to “G”, then they are  almost out of production.


When choosing a refrigerator for your home, you need to look at the class of energy consumption. The category of the most economical models includes devices whose class is equal to: “A ++, A + and A”. The following are models with a class: “B” and “C”. They are not very different from the first representatives. If we talk about refrigerators, whose class of energy consumption is equal to “D” to “G”, then they are  almost out of production.

Major malfunctions of washing machines

All breakdowns of automatic washing machines can be divided into rare and typical. How they differ is clear from the name. In 90% of cases of departure for repair, the master is faced with typical malfunctions. Moreover, they are typical for washers of any brand and type. This is understandable – the working conditions and design of all washing machines are very similar. Of course, there are also “branded” breakages, but it is more logical to attribute them to the second category.

All that did not fall into the above 90% can rightfully be attributed to atypical cases of failures. This should include damage due to the fault of the owner, factory defects and blemishes during assembly. The most complex faults – “floating”. This is when the machine “that works, it does not work.” The identification and elimination of such “crickets” can only be done by a qualified washing machine repair technician with experience.

Well, now we will list the main faults of the washing machine, which indicate incorrect operation, and require the intervention of the owner or specialist:

Water does not heat up

In the manual of the device, there are a number of reasons for this phenomenon, but in practice everything is simple. In 95% of cases – is the failure of the heater. Even more can be explained such a malfunction of the washing machine – the water does not heat up due to the break of the power supply circuit of the heating element. As a rule, just burned out the terminal. It is not a rare phenomenon for washers of certain brands.

The remaining 2 – 3% of cases fall on the “exotic” – a malfunction of the sensors and the failure of the control unit.

Note: self-repair is contraindicated.

No water in the washing machine

Since it does not arrive, it means that there is no pressure in the system. The reason for this often becomes a blocked tap water supply, which feeds the machine. The culprit may also be a faulty valve. There is an option with a faulty control unit, but this is not common.

If the error pops up some time after the set, and some of the powder is still washed away – it makes sense to clean the filter.

Note: with a closed tap, everything is clear. With cleaning the filter is quite possible to handle by yourself.

Washer immediately drains the water

The-washing-machine-immediately-drains-the-waterThere are two options. The first is self-draining. That is, the water is discharged immediately after dialing. The reason for this phenomenon – the wrong connection to the sewer. Self-draining can take place immediately after connection, and may disturb after a while. It all depends on the particular sewer and its type. The second option is fraught with trouble. If a drain occurs some time after the program starts, it means there is a malfunction.

Note: in the first case, you just need to properly connect the machine to the sewer. In the second we call the master, without options.

Water underneath the washing machine

Water-underneath-the-washing-machineIf you make the list of top causes of this phenomenon, the curtain wash will lead. Exactly. The fact is that during this operation the powder foams strongly. Meanwhile, the curtains practically do not absorb water, but they beat the foam quite well. So much foam is formed that it starts to leak out through the technological openings in the washing machine system. Foam is converted into water, which scares the owner with his presence under the machine.

The second, by popularity, reason is the leakage of the nozzle, the brake of the hatch cuff and the poor installation of the water supply hose. Well, a rare phenomenon – the flow of the drum itself.

Note: the owner can cope with the replacement of the gasket of the supply hose (if he finds a suitable gasket), but the rest will have to be addressed to the master.

Washing machine does not drain

Has the drain pump filter been cleaned? If the answer to this question is difficult to give, you can try to do it now.

If the filter has nothing to do with it, it means that the costs of replacing the drain pump are coming. By the way, it is possible he broke down because of a clogged filter.

Note: you need to regularly clean the filter and everything will be drained as it should.

Washer doesn't turn on


Perhaps nobody plugged it into the outlet or the incorrectly chosen  automatic protection was knocked out. If this is all right, then the control unit is out of order. In rare cases, the reason lies in the failure of the power filter.

Note: again, you need to properly connect the machine to the network. In case of suspected block failure, call the master.


Washing machine knocks

The reason for the increased noise of the machine can be its design feature. If it starts knocking “suddenly”, the following options are possible:

Getting inside the tank of a foreign object.

Underwear is unevenly distributed on the drum, resulting in an imbalance. Very often this happens when washing bed linen.

Bearing failure.

Incorrect installation of the machine.

Note: it is better to call a specialist, if there is nothing terrible, do not worry. But if it is a malfunction, it is important to detect and eliminate it as soon as possible.

Here, in principle, is the entire list of the main faults of the washing machine, which are the most common. I keep silence about broken pens, covers, buttons and displays – it doesn’t happen often and requires an individual approach to repair. Is something happening to the machine that is not described above? Call, we will solve your problems.