Everything You Need To Know To Get Fast Repair for Your Carrier HVAC, Air Conditioner, or Furnace Unit

Carrier Furnace, Air Conditioner Repair In EdmontonIf you’re looking for information about getting your Carrier air conditioner, HVAC, or furnace installed, maintained, or fixed, we’re ready to help.

Our highly skilled teams are qualified, licensed, and ready to provide comprehensive service for Carrier units, including furnaces, HVAC systems, and air conditioners, as well as basic maintenance or installations, for your business or home in the greater Edmonton area. Whether you need a unit or comprehensive maintenance or repair, we’re here.

We also install and fix appliances by Rheem, Napoleon, Lennox, Trane, Amana, Goodman, and other brands. Find out today what you need to do to get up and running or fixed in no time!

Get repairs for your Carrier unit in the greater Edmonton and surrounding areas today.

GoTech Appliance repairs in Edmonton Carrier

My furnace isn’t working. What should I do?

If the furnace is failing to keep your commercial or residential property warm, many different causes could be responsible. Before scheduling repair, there are a few things you can try in order to address these problems on your own:

  1. Take a look at your thermostat – you need to make sure that your is set to a higher temperature than your home’s current one and that it has been turned ON. Many people make adjustments to thermostats, and people don’t notice until something appears not to be working correctly.
  2. Take a look at your circuit breaker – if your circuit breaker blows a fuse or trips, your furnace may stop working as a result. Flip the breaker and assess to see whether or not this has solved your problem. If this does not solve the issue, you likely have a problem with your unit’s electrical system that needs to be addressed.
  3. Take a look at the power switch on your furnace – not everyone knows that furnaces have one. If yours has been somehow switched off or unplugged, make sure the device is plugged in, switch the unit back into the on position, and check to see if this changes anything.
  4. If the furnace doesn’t “kick,” call a qualified, trained, and highly experienced technician to look into and solve your problem. Write down your exact make and model so your technician can look up any useful advance information and arrive at your home or business prepared to solve any problems as fast as possible.

We Fix Carrier Furnaces

If you have an issue with your Carrier appliances, you may wonder what can be done. Our highly experienced technicians can solve almost any problem you have, small or large, based on your specific needs and situation you’re in. If you have problems with your ignition, thermostat, blower, or anything else, we can help. We want you to be able to trust in us, and that means doing everything we need to in order to ensure that you’re happy.

We’re driven to ensure that your furnace, no matter what problems you have, gets fixed.

Simply call us at (780) 994-4333, ask for help, and we’ll get you sorted soon.

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8:30 AM - 8:00 PM / 7 Repair Service

On a cold winter night, you don’t want to be without a working heater. Simply call us at any time of day, any day of the week, and we’ll be there to ensure that you, your loved ones, or your employees can stay safe and warm.

Servicing All Manufacturers and All Models of HVAC, Furnace, and Air Conditioner Units – Not Just Carrier

When you have an issue with a Carrier appliance, we’re ready to dispatch our qualified technicians straight your way. Even if your home isn’t equipped with a Carrier, we’re able to bring the parts, talent, and tools you need to get you up and running again.

We Service Major Carrier Units:

We service many of the most popular units by Carrier, including:

  1. Base models such as: 58STA, 58MCB, and 58STX
  2. Comfort models including: 58DLA, 58DLX, 58HDX, and 58MXB, as well as 59SC2 and 59SC5
  3. Performance models: 58CTA, 58CTX, 58HDV, 58MEB, 58MEC, 58MTB, 58PHA, and 58PHX, along with 59SP5, 59TP5, and 58UVB
  4. Infinity models: 58CVA and 59MN7, along with 58MVB, 58MVC, 59TN6

All Services Priced Up-Front

We don’t want you to find yourself surprised by an invoice beyond your expectations after service is finished. That’s why at [ GoTech Appliance & Furnace Repair ], our technicians provide you with comprehensive quotes up-front, and we will not begin the repair or installation process until you’ve okayed this proposal. You will have the power to choose a highly informed decision and rest assured that you don’t face any unpleasant surprises when the bill comes.

Parts Available for Your Carrier

No one wins when you feel like you wasted time or money. That’s our service vehicles contain a wide array of Carrier parts. We can’t carry everything, but our team aims to ensure to the best of our ability that we will not need to make additional stops or pause work on the majority of maintenance, installation, or repair calls – and this likely means that we have the equipment and tools needed to solve your most urgent issues.

Troubleshooting Experts

We’ve been solving problems with furnaces and HVAC systems for decades. We guarantee that we will solve the problems you’re facing – and take care of them quickly – the first time.

What To Know About Furnaces, Heaters, Coolers, and Other Appliances:

  1. It’s just as important for you to keep cool air in as it is to keep warm air out! If you need to keep cool air inside during the summer and warm air in during the winter, be sure to caulk surfaces, add weather stripping where necessary, and insulate areas like attics.
  2. Insulate your AC ducts when they sit in attics, garages, or crawlspaces. If you have fans across your entire home, be sure to do this anywhere that exposes them to the outdoors or the attic.
  3. Check the SEER rating of your AC unit. If your AC unit has a low SEER rating, it is likely quite energy inefficient, and could be contributing to high utility bills. If you upgrade to a unit with a higher SEER rating, you will likely save hundreds of dollars a year on your energy expenses.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the US Department of Energy required all new central AC units built after January 2006 to have a SEER rating of at least 13, which means that there should be many affordable options available to you right now.

The newest AC units are Energy Star® certified, more environmentally friendly than their predecessors, and run more quietly and reliable than older units, making now a great time to upgrade if you haven’t in years.

We Repair All Brands and All Models

If you have issues with a furnace, AC unit, or combination HVAC, we can send a highly qualified repair team directly to you. [ GoTech Appliance & Furnace Repair ] is authorized not just to service Lennox appliances but all major brands, and we’re available to serve you now – not just when it’s convenient.

Other brands we service include:

trane-furnace-repair EdmontonAmana Furnace Repair 

Repair an Amana unit in the greater Edmonton area.

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Lennox Furnace repair in Edmonton GoTech Appliance repairLennox Furnace Repair 

Get factory certified Carrier service whenever you have a problem.

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trane-furnace-repair in EdmontonTrane Furnace Repair 

We know heating systems by Trane. If you have problems, we’re standing by to find them – and deliver the fix.

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Goodman Furnace Repair in EdmontonGoodman Furnace Repair 

Goodman HVAC units are known for their reliability, but problems do arise. We’re ready to help you when things go wrong.

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If you need to get your Carrier appliance fixed, we’re standing by to deliver the exemplary customer service you need.

Simply call  [ GoTech Appliance & Furnace Repair ]  today at (780) 994-4333 to find out how we can help. 

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