Air conditioning repair requires experienced and knowledge of the product design and the many functions of the air conditioner that can go wrong. Home owners maybe tempted to repair the unit themselves but this often ends badly and can cause further malfunctions and equipment failure. Another key aspect of keeping your unit working in top notch condition is is preventative maintenance, this guarantees proper function, as well as the maximum service life of the device. 

GoTech Heating & Air Conditioning Repair employs experts who know the nuances of servicing air conditioning systems of varying complexity.

Air Conditioning Repair is a complex mechanism consisting of many elements that need periodic cleaning. It is believed that expensive models do not break. This is a mistake. Any Air Conditioning periodically fails and needs maintenance. The most common causes of breakdowns are:

* installation errors

* freezing of the liquid in the compressor

* leaks due to leak-tightness

* late replacement of filter elements

* power supply voltage drops

* violation of the terms of use

* incorrect choice of the air conditioner (lower power), which then can not cope with the load and quickly wears out

* operation of the device in winter

* product failure

* refusal of periodic maintenance

It is difficult for ordinary users to determine a situation when an urgent repair of air conditioning for home use is needed. But in fact, it is easy to  recognize a breakdown by these signs:

1. Absence of cold, appearance of ice on the indoor or outdoor unit, and oil leaks.

2. There Is no sound of the compressor turning on.

3. After you enable audible cyclical sound that appears once every 2-3 seconds.

4. You cannot enable it.

5. The device turns on, the buzzer is heard, but the system does not start.

6. Ice builds up on the pipeline.

7. First, the air conditioner operates in the cooling mode, and after blowing a warm stream.

8. Strong noise or unpleasant smell from the outlet.

This is only a small part of the problems that our specialists will be able to identify and resolve. We provide a warranty of up to 6 months for all repairs and spare parts.

Otherwise, there may be a more serious failure, which will have to spend a significant amount of money to fix.

Repair of climate control equipment

Untimely maintenance of the air conditioner, voltage fluctuations in the power grid, the operation of the external unit in an unfavourable urban environment with temperature differences-all this can lead to a breakdown of the split system.

If your air conditionerhas stopped working or cooling the room, then you need to urgently call our specialist for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

We repair any air conditioners in Edmonton and the surrounding areas in the shortest possible time and at affordable prices. All spare parts and repairs are guaranteed.

Causes of Air Conditioner Failure:

There can be a huge number of reasons for the malfunction of your air conditioner, we will tell you about some of them:

  1. Poor rolling connection of copper pipes leads to freon leakage or freezing of the internal/external unit.
  2. Unqualified connection of the electrical part or voltage fluctuations can lead to burnout of electronic and power boards, as well as starting capacitors.
  3. Installation of a drainage system with a violation of technology-may cause blockage of the air conditioner and cause periodic or constant condensate leakage from the indoor unit.
  4. Unskilled installation may lead to moisture entering the freon circuit and acid formation, which is displayed as a green plaque on the inside of the copper pipe.
  5. Poor insulation of copper pipes when laying in the struts can lead to its destruction.

Repair of the internal air conditioner unit

1. The indoor unit does not cool the air in the room where it is installed or the cold air temperature is not sufficient to cool the room. This may be due to clogged filters, poor fan performance, and so on.

2. When the air conditioner is running, water drips from it. The fault may be caused by a blockage in the drain pan or tube that removes condensate also, a lack of freon may be the cause of leaks from the indoor unit.

3. The indoor unit is not included.

The cause of the malfunction connected to the power supply, the electronic circuit board or power conditioning the problem may be in the sensor or the remote control.

Repair of the internal air conditioner unit

If you are faced with the above problems and urgently need to repair the air conditioner, then use the application form on the website or call us.

Even a small problem in operation can lead to serious damage, and subsequently to its replacement. Timely diagnostics and repair of the device will be cheaper than buying a new one!

Repair of the external air conditioner unit

1. The Air Conditioner turns on but stops working after 10-15 minutes.

This problem can be caused by contamination (which causes the external unit of the Air Conditioner to overheat), malfunction of the fan of the external unit, and other problems.

2. For the outdoor unit, the frosting module is connected to communication.

This may be caused by a lack of freon in the cooling circuit of the device.

Our specialist will find out and eliminate the cause of the freon leak, as well as refuel the split system with the necessary amount of refrigerant.

Repair of the external air conditioner unit must be done as soon as possible, otherwise, the defect may cause the split system to fail and may require replacement of the air conditioner compressor or all equipment.

There are two ways to apply for air conditioner repair or maintenance:

1. Online on the website through the special form

2. By phone numbers listed on the site in the upper-right corner. 

A technician will visit to diagnose the problem.

* First the technician will ensure safe operation of the Air Conditioner unit.

* A report will be provided outlining the condition of your AC and any required parts/repair

* A quote will also be provided for the repair service, and if accepted, repair or service can be completed on the same day. (Upon availability of parts)

* All services are issued with the appropriate documents and a guarantee is issued.


Locally owned and operated in Edmonton

Top-notch service from our professionally trained technicians

We treat our customers like family

Best repair rates available in the city

Service Price List:


The price of the repair depends on the cause of the breakdown, brand and the model of the Air Conditioner. This is determined after the problem is diagnosed by the technician. Below is a rough estimate of the costs.

Malfunction Cost Per Part
Diagnostics of the air conditioner operation on the site From $99 / $250
Configuring the remote control From $99 / $250
Clean the filters and the indoor unit From $99 / $250
Cleaning the indoor unit evaporator From $99 / $250
Cleaning the evaporator using a steam generator From $99 / $250
Cleaning the indoor unit fan without disassembly From $99 / $250
Cleaning the indoor unit fan with disassembly From $99 / $250
Cleaning the drainage system without dismantling From $99 / $250
Cleaning the drainage system with dismantling From 99$ / $150
Dismantling the drainage pump  From $99 / $150
Dismantling and installation of the drainage pump From $99 / $150
Drain hose extension (including material) From $99 / $150
Drainage system re-laying ( without material)  From $99 / $150
Drainage hose From $99 / $150
Cleaning the external unit without using washing equipment From $99 / $150
Cleaning the external unit using washing equipment From $99 / $150
Replacement of rolling joints on the external block From $99 / $150
Replacement of rolling joints on the inner block From $99 / $150
Installation and dismantling of pressure gauges and preparation for freon refuelling From $99 / $150
Refuelling the system with R-410 freon (*per 100 grams) From $99 / $150
Refuelling the system with freon r22 ( *per 100 grams) From $99 / $150
Freon route vacuuming  From $99 / $150
Dismantling-installation of horizontal air distribution blinds From $99 / $150
Dismantling-installation of the plastic housing of the indoor unit From $99 / $150
Track mounting From $99 / $150
Technical Nitrogen From From $99 / $150
Pressure testing of the air conditioning system From $99 / $150
Disassembly - installation of the evaporator / condenser  From $99 / $150
Soldering From $99 / $150
Diagnostics of the air conditioner in terms of service From $99 / $150
Installation of a drainage pump From $67 / $150

****Prices are only for the parts/components all repairs/labour are an additional fee.****

Frequent Failures of the Air Conditioner:

Q.The Air Conditioner appears on the display of the indicators blink?

The automatic fault diagnosis system has been activated. Labels and signals can be deciphered using the operating instructions.

Q. The Air Conditioner does not turn on ?

The control panel or receiving module inside the Air Conditioner is faulty. The remote may have run out of batteries. The connection to the power supply is faulty or there is no electricity in the room. 

It is possible that the control board is faulty or the communication between the blocks is damaged.

Q. The air conditioner is dripping ?

In hot weather, the condensate container can quickly overflow, and it is recommended to drain the water more often. A clogged drain pipe can sometimes cause leaks. Failures in the operation of the drainage pump,loss of tightness in the joints, leading to the fact that the air conditioner begins to leak. Damage, blockages, or incorrect installation of the drainage system is a common cause of leaks. 

Another reason is the freezing of the heat exchanger. There may also be a refrigerant leak.

Q. The air conditioner makes noises, clicks, and gurgles?

The noise of the external air conditioner unit indicates either damage or contamination of the fan. Clicking or clicking in the air conditioner may be caused by incorrect operation of automation or malfunction of internal parts. Gurgling can be caused by air in the drainage system or by the system being drained with a refrigerant. In some cases, the reason for increased noise from the air conditioner lies in the insufficiently tight fixing of parts and units of the air conditioner, as well as in its uneven installation. Soft squelching sounds in the air conditioner, a phenomenon that can be considered the norm.

Q. The air conditioner turns off ?

Self disconnecting the air conditioner after 5 -10 minutes of operation may be a sign of a malfunction, or maybe the result of normal operation. Everything is fine if the room has already cooled down to the set temperature or the “dehumidification” mode has been enabled. In case of a malfunction, the compressor may overheat. The compressor may overheat due to the clogged radiator of the external unit, a broken fan of the external unit, clogged capillary tubes, or contamination of the filter dryer. 

Also, if the air conditioner is switched off at random, the reason may be a failure of the control Board or a failure of the protective relay.

Q. Unpleasant smell from the air conditioner ?

Air conditioners of unscrupulous manufacturers smell strongly of plastic, unfortunately, it is difficult to get rid of this smell. The smell of burning from the air conditioner means that there was a fire or melting of the wiring. You need to disconnect the equipment from the network and contact specialists. When the air conditioner smells of mold and dampness, the formation of mold and bacteria inside the air conditioner is likely, in this situation, the device needs to process the internal parts with a special tool.

Q. Air conditioning does not cool or heat the room enough?

The air conditioner works, but it cannot bring the room temperature to the specified settings. The reason for the inefficient operation of equipment may be the contamination of air filters. 

Filters need to be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks and replaced after 6 to 8 flushes. It is possible that contamination of the impeller of the indoor unit caused the weak operation of the air conditioner. 

Clogging and contamination of the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit also greatly affects the quality of the air conditioner. 

Freon leakage leads to the fact that the air conditioner can not cope with cooling the room. Unadapted to winter frosts, the air conditioner (there are such models) can not cope with heating, and in the process of working at low temperatures, its internal nodes fail. This air conditioner needs modification. If the air conditioner does not work well during the cold season, please note that the  outdoor unit has not been iced over. Also, each air conditioner has a parameter such as”serviced area”.

Accordingly, the air conditioner is not able to cool or heat a room with a larger area than its capacity allows