How Does a Refrigerator Work

While the equipment is functioning properly, the user is not interested in how it works. Knowledge of how the refrigerator works will be needed when a breakdown occurs: it will help to avoid a serious malfunction or to quickly identify it. Proper operation also depends heavily on user awareness. The article will consider the device of a domestic refrigerator and its work.

The principle of operation of a modern fridge is based on a substance such as freon, which is able to quickly change its state and cool products thanks to its outstanding qualities. Modern production uses only safe and environmentally friendly refrigerants that are guaranteed not to harm your health and the health of your loved ones.

So, in the fridge there are 4 main components:

1.Refrigerant – a substance that goes in a circle and transfers heat. A special gas, freon, is used as a refrigerant.

2. A capacitor is a tube on the back of the case (in the latest models it can be placed on the side). The heat generated by the compressor during operation, the condenser is released to the environment. So the device does not overheat. That is why manufacturers prohibit the installation of equipment near batteries, radiators and stoves. Then overheating can not be avoided, and the motor will quickly fail.

3. A compressor is a motor that operates on the principle of a pump. It happens invertor and linear. Due to the start of the motor, freon moves through the pipes of the system, providing cooling in the chambers.

4. Evaporator – takes heat from the cooled object (products) and releases it (heat) to the refrigerant. Here freon boils and turns into a gaseous state. In this case, a large amount of heat is taken, the tubes in the chamber are cooled together with the air in the compartment. Usually the evaporator is the inner wall.

First, the refrigerant is at room temperature and is in a gas state. The compressor of the refrigerator compresses it in order to increase the pressure (because of which the temperature also rises), and pumps it into the condenser. Now the gas is hot, which means that the air is cold compared to it. With the help of a cold body, you can lower the temperature of the hot one, which the refrigerator does. In many models of refrigerators, the condenser is located on the back wall – this refrigerant passes through it to cool with the help of ambient air. When the refrigerant cooled, its temperature became room temperature again. But the pressure is still high – and we can lower it again. As a result of this process, the temperature drops even more – and there is what we consider cold.

The inevitable result of the refrigerator is the heating of air. It is not so significant, so we do not notice it. In modern refrigerators, several more stages are added to the cycle. The refrigerant under the influence of high pressure condenses and becomes liquid, generating heat, and in the evaporator under the influence of low pressure boils and turns into a gaseous state, absorbing heat. This is done to improve efficiency, reduce the size and energy consumption of the refrigerator.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Washer


Buying a washing machine: what you need to pay attention to when choosing household appliances, so that it becomes an assistant and not a source of problems.

Cleaning time cartoon background with washing machine and bath vector illustration

Choosing a washer, first of all, it is necessary to determine its size and type of load of linen. Dimensions often become one of the main selection criteria when buying. Selecting the size, it should be borne in mind that from the back wall of the machine to the wall it is necessary to leave a gap of about 5 cm – for the installation of hoses.

There are built-in and stand-alone washing machines. In the first embodiment, the door opens only on the front panel (front loading). Free-standing equipment can be either front-loaded or vertical (the door opens on the top panel).

Parameters of washers with front loading: height – 85 cm, width 60 cm. Depth can vary from 32 to 60 cm. Height of devices with vertical loading – from 85 cm to 90 cm, width – from 40 cm to 45 cm, depth – from 60 cm, but there are also models with non-standard parameters.

Cleaning time cartoon background with washing machine and bath vector illustration

An important parameter when choosing – the degree of automation: automatic machine or semi-automatic. The second option is already a thing of the past and is presented on the market with just a few models. Modern automatic washing machine, depending on the amount of pledged linen itself will determine how much water and time it takes to wash. At the same time, electricity is consumed more economically.

It is also necessary to take into account the number of revolutions per minute – the more turns, the drier the laundry after washing. Manufacturers give complete freedom to the buyer in choosing the spin speed: from 400 to 2,000 revolutions per minute. Machines with speeds of 1,000 rpm. designed for fine fabrics – after washing things can be ironed immediately. Speed can be adjusted each time you start.

Washers have standard programs – for example, washing colored items, wool, silk, etc. The temperature set in these modes can be changed if necessary. Additional functions are attached to the standard programs: rapid or intensive washing, extra rinsing, washing without spinning, etc. Some washers are equipped with a function of additional sound insulation, thanks to which the device works almost silently.

Parameters are adjusted using the control unit on the front panel of the washer. It can be in the form of buttons or a digital display. The first option, as a rule, is accompanied by color effects – at different stages of washing the colors of the buttons change, which allows you to always be aware of how much time is left before the end of the wash. The digital display reflects the exact time.

When choosing a washer is also worth paying attention to the class of technology. It is denoted by letters from A to G. “A ++” is the highest class, a machine of this level gently washes clothes and will save energy as much as possible. Another important point is the quality of the washing machine tank. Better if it is stainless steel. And to protect against leakage in the machines, the AquaStop mechanism can be installed – a valve is installed on the water rod, which automatically closes after the water supply.

The market of household appliances is ready to present to the buyer washing machines of various colors and shapes so that the purchase fits into any interior.

So, the choice is yours