Best Refrigerator Temperature To Keep Food Fresh

best temp for your fridge Using refrigerators every day, we usually have some questions about how to take care of them and what temperature fridge settings to use to achieve the best result for the storage of food and beverages.

To understand the principles of food storage in the fridge its useful to understand why the temperature rate has great importance.

  • Optimal fridge temperature can keep your products fresh and safe for a long time (in frames of each product’s shelf life).
  • Correct micro-climatethat’s the way to keep the taste qualities of your food and the healthy properties constant.
  • It can extend your fridge’s lifetime.
  • It can prevent the unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator. 

So, you can see its a very important parameter, but what temp should the fridge be?

Its commonly defined, the most appropriate temperature range inside the refrigerator suitable to all the product types is within +2 to +14 degrees Celsius.

However, if you set your device at this setting there’s no guarantee that your food will stay fresh for as long as you expect. Take a look at the expiration dates before you put it inside!

One more thing you should be aware of – is the fact that different parts of your fridge have various cooling temperatures. In average, if you are setting the whole temp limit in +4 degrees, you’ll get the following result:

  • The coolest place in your refrigerator is the back wall of the upper part if your freezer is on the top of the device, There you can keep fresh meat, fish or ready-to-cook food. It’s cooler than all of the settings up there.
  • The middle part of the main chamber has the average temperature, it’s suitable for milk and milk products, sausages, cheese and bread.
  • The warmest place your fridge has is the door sections. Therefore, you can keep there sauces and beverages.
  • And the last one – that’s the vegetable zone. There is a more warm micro-climate than in the middle and upper sections and it’s quite comfortable for fruits, veggies and fresh greens.

Dont forget there are some fruits you shouldn’t put in your fridge at all, bananas, for example.

best temp for your freezerThere is also a freezer in most types of refrigerator, and it’s essential that the temperature in that section is lower than everywhere else. The best temperature for a freezer is -18 degrees Celsius. But there are also some nuances:

  • If you keep few products in your freezer you should use settings on the level of -14 degrees.
  • If you are using it frequently that’s the reason to turn the scale to the level of -20 to -24 degrees.
  • If you have a quick freeze option, it can take the temperature to -24 to -30 degrees for a fast vegetable freeze.

To know exactly what the temperature inside the fridge is in new models you can use the digital display. If you have an old one with a regular handle the best way is to use a simple thermometer.

What other things can influence your fridge’s temp?

  • The frequency of its opening – if you open it rarely the temperature will be more stable.
  • The door compactor’s state – if it is battered the device will not maintain the temperature correctly.
  • Hot food put into it will increase the whole level of warmth inside.

The knowledge about how to use a fridge is simple and you can learn it easily. So, don’t put hot soups inside, choose the temperature level correctly and take in mind the main principles of food placement to get it fresh and tasty from the fridge.

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