Our company GoTech Appliance Repair Edmonton provides household appliance repairs in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. 

We provide professional services of large household appliances within the comfort of your home.

The technicians will diagnose many brands and models, both imported and domestic production. Regardless of the complexity of the failure.

With our many years servicing household appliances. This has allowed our service technicians to accurately determine the nature of the fault. In other words we successfully repair technical problems directly at home in the shortest possible time.

Our gold standard of of service is high-quality repairs within an inexpensive service. Equally important appliance repair Edmonton is also known for providing a full range of repairs quickly and efficiently.

This combined with the knowledge and goodwill of our staff makes us the best choice in the repair of home appliances.


If your refrigerator is not cooling, the washing machine leaks your microwave does not heat. And any other malfunctions of the household appliances, contact GoTech Appliance Repair Edmonton. Subsequently our specialists will promptly diagnose and repair the appliance in the shortest possible time. Even the most complex repair of home electronics we will carry out quickly and efficiently. And in order to do this we use parts, tools, and equipment recommended by leading manufacturers. We also offer services for connecting large appliances in particular the installation of Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Cooktops, Fridges, Freezers, Stoves and Ovens. 

Our Guarantee Of Services:

* Affordable services and cost within Edmonton

* Prompt response from technicians and same day or next day service

* Warranty for components and work performed up to 12 months

Edmonton Appliance repair Team. Repairing All Appliances In Edmonton and Area.

How to schedule an appointment with us:

1. Call us at 780 994 4333 or email at info@gotechappliancerepairs.ca, you may also visit http://appliancerepairedmonton.ca for further diagnostic assistance. 

2. Click the “Book Now” button located in the upperright part of the site. After that, you will get a call from our team who will give you a free consultation on your appliance, and if necessary, choose a convenient time for a technician to visit.

We are the best in our industry of Appliance Repairs in Edmonton

The team strives to provide a high quality of customer experience. As such when we are assisting our clients we are efficient, courteous, and have an attentive attitude to your problem. This is through our competent approach to technical problems most importantly our accumulated experience. We believe this allows our technicians to select the necessary components for replacement and quickly repair household appliances.

We understand our clients have busy households, consequently the main goal of our team is to perform all maintenance and repair of household appliances efficiently, accurately, and in a short time frame. As a rule we are able to perform prompt troubleshooting of your home appliances and electronics. The replacement of damaged or disabled mechanisms and components all within the comfort of your home.

If your appliance is not working as effectively as it should. Therefore give our company GoTech Appliance Repair Edmonton a call. As a result you will be booked with a professional technician to provide a thorough diagnostic within your home. 

What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Highly Recommended

We left a request to repair the washing machine. The technicians arrived on time. After conducting a diagnostic, they recommended we replace the pump otherwise it will break down often. They were able to do the repair the same day and the washer is working like new. We are very happy that our washer was able to be fixed the same day and the technician was wonderful to work with. He gave many great tips on how to keep it running like new. 

Top Notch Customer Care

The electric stove had two burners that didn’t turn on. We could not figure out the reason ourselves. The neighbour recommended this company because they use them often in their family. We called the office and spoke with Kristen who was so pleasant in getting us an appointment the same day. We found the company to be knowledgable and very efficient to work with. The price was reasonable and we are happy to continue using their services if need be.

Efficient Service

We contacted the company because of the dryer which stopped spinning. The request was left through the contact page form. Their office was able to contact us almost immediately and a technician was sent out within a few hours. He was experienced and understood the issue right away and the repair cost was affordable. I am glad this was done so quickly so we can finish our weekend chores and enjoy the weather. 

Affordable Repairs

Outstanding experience, they were able to accommodate my last minute appointment. The technician called before hand and was on time he worked efficiently and provided a breakdown of all costs,  it was a great experience to hire this company…. Highly Recommend!

Fridge, Freezer, Stove, Oven, Cooktop Repair In Edmonton

  • The workshop provides high-quality, inexpensive repairs.
  • Thus within one phone call the technician will arrive at your home in Edmonton and the surrounding suburbs.
  • Qualified services of residential household appliances and most models and brands at reasonable prices.
  • The completed repairs are guaranteed up to 12 months.
  • By calling us, you will receive a detailed consultation from a specialist on the problem. After which they will be able to give you a quote for repairs if necessary.
  • Our technician will arrive at the appointed time to your home, make a diagnosis. And if you are satisfied with the cost of the repair then we can also fix the problem on the spot.

Repair procedure:

In most cases, repairs are made within the first diagnostic appointment with the technician. However In rare cases, it may take from one to several business days to deliver the necessary components to complete the repair. Additionally the service fee is $79.00 to come to your home and perform a thorough diagnostic.

In order to accurately diagnose the issue, technicians must have professional experience, certified parts, and special tools. Therefore we do our best to perform diagnostics and repairs are done right with each appliance. After the diagnostic the technician will be able to tell the client the if its repairable and the cost of repair. As a result we are able to give a accurate breakdown of all costs in-order for the customer to make a final decision.

Our Advantage:

* Flexible schedule, and the arrival of the technician at a convenient time for you.

* The technician starts repairing only after your consent based on the diagnostics performed.

* Components and repairs are backed by warranty.

* Prices for services are simple and clear, without any hidden fees.

Edmonton Fridge repair and appliance technicians
Electronic control board of the Refrigerator. Appliance Repair Service In Edmonton.


Thanks to our excellent organization of services, our repair shop specialists have access to all necessary spare parts. As a result this allows them to quickly fix problems and repair the appliances. The service center uses only advanced equipment and certified parts, this prevents repeated failure of the appliances. 

Prices for refrigerator repairs:

Malfunction Cost Per Part
Replacing the thermostat, and start-up relay From $67.96 to $150
Changing the electronic sensor From $79.15
Refilling the refrigerator with freon R12, R134a, R600a From $165.75 to $310
Replacing the evaporator From $210.55
Fixing leaks in the system and refilling the refrigerator with freon From $260.75
Repair of the control unit (electronic module) From $110.00
Replacing the compressor in the refrigerator From $350.00 - consider to buy a new appliance

When You Contact Us:

You don’t have to worry, we will take care of all the problems with your appliance. Since we enjoy our work and customers experience our excitement to help them learn about their appliance. Because our service technicians are prepared for home repairs. They have the necessary experience, working equipment, and any sets of necessary tools at their disposal. In addition to this if you require information about prices. Give us a call at the specified phone numbers. The cost of repairs will be based the problems the appliance is experiencing and the necessary steps to fix the issue.

Your refrigerator does not work:

If your fridge does not freeze, does not turn on, leaks, or does not cool at the right temperature. Therefore give us a call and we will solve your problem quickly and efficiently. Additionally you can book a refrigerator repair specialist to your home at a convenient time for you through our online booking form. In conclusion our employees will make sure that your home appliances are back in perfect working condition. This we will do in the shortest possible time. Hence we accept almost any refrigerators and freezers for repair, including built-in models.

We offer professional, prompt repair of dishwashers, washing machines and dryers in Edmonton:

Firstly with the arrival of the technician to your home, common problems are successfully eliminated in one visit. Secondly the technician is able to provide a repair on the spot, without the need to transport the appliance to the workshop. Lastly the completed repairs are guaranteed for up to 12 months.

The arrival of the technician to your home:

In order to book a technician to your residence from our company GoTech Appliance Repair Edmonton. Dial one of the numbers listed on the site.As a result you will get a consultation and find out the approximate cost of repairs. Finally you can arrange a visit from the technician at a convenient time for you.

Dishwasher, Washer, Dryer Repair In Edmonton

An appliance repair Edmonton technician will repair the appliance within the customer’s home. We do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. This includes all the necessary warranties, in addition to recommendations for further trouble-free operation of the appliance.

What we will offer:

* Free consultation over the phone 

* Fair and clear pricing 

* Warranty up to 12 months for spare parts and completed work

We diagnose and repair dishwashers, washers, and dryers of all brands and models. In addition we work with any type and design, both built-in and stand-alone. Some of the brands we work with are Bosh, Electrolux, Whirlpool, GE, Ge Monogram, Frigidaire, Maytag, and more…  

Dishwasher repair in Calgary

Prices for dishwasher repairs:

Malfunction Cost Per Part
Replacing the water temperature sensor, does not heat the water / does not work drying  From $75.96
Changing of the heating element (Tena) foam  From $87.15
Cleaning filters does not drain water  From $77.75
Replacement of the drain pump From $98.55
Changing the water level sensor water continuously overflows From $78.00
Replacement of the circulation pump vibration, foreign sounds when working From $54.12
Repair / Replacement of the electronic control unit incorrect execution of programs From $98.85
Adjustment of connecting pipes, AQUASTOP, filling valve From $86.33
Installation of a dishwasher  From $130.75

You may need to repair the appliance if the following is occuring:

Does not drain water, will not turn on, makes strange sounds, and any other problems that prevent the appliance from working. In this case, contact our service, we will be happy to help you.

Some problems can be solved by yourself, therefore before contacting the service, make sure that:

  1. The machine is connected to a working power outlet
  2. Check the water supply and drain hose for blockage
  3. Make sure you have sufficient water pressure in the home
Maytag Washer repair Calgary
Checking for the drain Pump

How to avoid Dishwasher - Washer - Dryer from breakdowns

It is important to prevent various problems in the operation of your appliance. For this reason it is crucial not to forget about the timely maintenance of the appliance. Therefore we recommend these repairs to be carried out once every 2 years. Service prevention includes cleaning the internal components from lime deposits, cleaning filters, and replacing worn parts. Overall this is a professional process that requires qualifications. And it should only be carried out by specialists. Furthermore failure to follow the operating rules and recommendations for the use of household appliances may lead to premature failure of the equipment.

Our modern service equipment in combination with proven diagnostic methods, allows us to implement almost any task related to repairing household appliances. For this reason we are able to diagnose and repair all categories of complexity, regardless of the problem.


We are able to do repairs in all areas of Edmonton.

If you encounter a broken appliance we guarantee high-quality diagnostics and repairs, all within our amazing customer service. 

Call our company and we will be happy to help you repair a faulty Dishwasher, Washer, Dryer, Fridge, Freezer, Stove, and Ovens. We provide high-quality repairs of appliances in your home. What our company specializes in.